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Trishaw driver with his street-dog friend in Yangon.

Man Likes Dog

Second photo for “Eye of a Different Sun” – pictures taken with my fancy see-in-the-dark camera. To quote Twain: “Outside of a …

Eat your greens!

Myanmar Bar Food

So we got into Yangon yesterday evening, cleaned up at the hotel (doubly necessary after this crap) and headed out for dinner, which …


New Year, New Gear

It’s the start of New Year’s celebrations here in The Original Land of Sweat™ (a.k.a. ©ambodia) – so out with the old …

How many Cambodian grannies can you fit in the bed of a pickup?

Granny Gear

Last night, a Czech friend told a story about the great historical polymath, Jára Cimrman, who wondered if one could make aluminum …