Pointless Photo Monday XXXVIII – Close Shave

I have been going to the same barber shop – Lucky Barbershop – in Phnom Penh for 16 years. It’s on the south side of Rue Pasteur where it intersects Preah Sihanouk Boulevard, for those who want to know. And it looks like this:

Now that's a Lucky barbershop.
Now that’s a Lucky Barbershop.

It might look a bit dodgy, and it’s sanitation standards might not be up to Western expectations, but I’ve never got a bad cut there. Ever. In fact, they go the extra mile:

Getting ears shaved at the Lucky Barbershop.
Getting left ear shaved at the Lucky Barbershop by Mr. Ly.

Hair cut, ears shaved, back of neck shaved, top of back shaved (new experience, that one), cheeks shaved (all done with a straight razor), eyebrows and nose hairs trimmed and a quick shoulder and neck massage. Chin not shaved.

Over these sixteen years, the price has increased 100%. It’s now $2, including tip.


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