Myanmar Bar Food

So we got into Yangon yesterday evening, cleaned up at the hotel (doubly necessary after this crap) and headed out for dinner, which we found at a bar around the corner – because that’s how we roll.

How to eat while drinking in Yangon
How to eat while drinking in Yangon

So, yes, that’s Yangon bar food – chicken in saucy stuff, pickled mustard leaf soup with quail eggs and a corn salad (not shown).

Speaking of salads, for all you vegetarians out there:

Eat your greens!
Eat your greens!

A salad just isn’t a salad without a head or colon in it. And where do they find these animals in the food? Well, it seems some don’t pay their bills:

Pay your debts, or else...
Pay your debts, or else…

For the professional drinkers in the audience: Myanmar Beer is faaar better on tap than from a bottle. Unless, of course, you like the taste of formaldehyde. There’s no accounting for taste.

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