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    Colored steel structure

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    time:2019-10-25 11:12:02

    After more than 20 years of development history, light steel structure in China started not too late, but the development of multi-storey light steel residential buildings was restricted mainly due to economic and technological reasons. The earliest light steel structure residential building in China was an 8-storey steel structure residential building built in November 1994 in Dongbei Fang, Pudong, Shanghai. The frame was composed of cold-formed rectangular concrete filled steel tubular columns and U-shaped cold-formed steel composite beams. Its characteristic is that straw board is used as the component of exterior wall and floor. The steel consumption per unit area is 34kg/m2. Taiping Village, Tianjin Economic Development Zone, is one of the exploration bases of housing industrialization in China. 95 participants from 15 countries and regions, including China, Japan, the United States and Canada, have shown their products. Steel structure houses are all framed structures. Floor, wall and roof are all made of composite structure. Factory prefabrication and site installation shorten the construction period of the 8-storey steel structure apartment built by Changsha Yuanda Group, which is called integrated building. The building is equipped with modern equipment such as central air chirp integrated unit, integral bathroom and five-meter remote transmission system.

    The exquisite interior design reflects the style and quality of the steel structure residence, and indicates the bright future of the steel structure residence. Table 1 shows some economic and technical indicators of light steel residential buildings. The country regards the housing industry as a new economic growth point of the national economy. It is an inevitable trend to provide high-quality commercial housing for residents in line with market demand. The State encourages the development of Table 1, Economic and Technical Indicators of Light Steel Residential Buildings, Project Name, Ma Gang Residential Test Building, Beijing Xisanqi Hydropower Project Dormitory, Zhuozhou Zhongtie Zijingguan Steel Structure Company Test Building, Baoding Taihang Group Light Steel Residential Demonstration Building, 12-storey Frame-Support System, 6-storey Frame-Shear System and 6-storey Steel Frame-Concrete Core Tube System Space Frame H-section steel of structural type hot car, H-section column of welded I-section beam and column of profiled steel composite floor, 52634652 unit cost (RMB) 110011001200900 new building system of I-section beam, which has been listed in the priority development of high-tech field, are H-section steel of H-section of structural type hot car, H-section steel of I-section beam and H-column of welded I-section steel plate composite floor.

    Document No. 72 issued by the State Council in 1999 proposed that steel-structured residential industry should be developed and clay bricks should be stopped in coastal big cities within a time limit. In the first half of this year, the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Construction is preparing and revising technical regulations closely related to multi-storey steel structure houses. The Department of Science and Technology held a symposium on the compilation of technical guidelines for industrialization of steel structure housing and a review meeting on the establishment of projects for the study of building systems and key technologies of steel structure housing. Eighteen projects including steel residential building system and its key and pilot projects have been approved. National policy has created conditions for the development of steel-structured housing. Industrialized steel-structured housing is expected to make breakthroughs in the near future. 2. The advantages of multi-storey light-weight steel housing in the past were mainly small-bay brick-concrete structures. Due to the use of solid clay bricks, this kind of residential system wastes land and resources and is not conducive to earthquake resistance. On the other hand, due to the limitations of the structural system itself, the layout of residential buildings is mostly closed small bays, which is not suitable.

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