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    2010: By the end of November, the operating mileage of China's railways had reached 87,000 kilometers, and the scale and quality of the road network had been greatly improved. Among them, the high-speed railway has reached 7531 kilometers. China's railway assets investment includes infrastructure investment, renovation and transformation, locomotive and vehicle purchases for wives and wives, of which the main investment related to steel demand is infrastructure investment. According to the standard of 0.32 tons of steel consumption driven by 10,000 yuan investment in railway construction, in 2010, the investment in railway infrastructure reached 700 billion yuan, which could lead to 22.4 million tons of steel consumption. 2011: Railway construction will still be in high praise. It is understood that at present, there are more than 10,000 public reclamations on Gaojian Railway which I am building. By 2012, the operating mileage of China's railways will reach more than 110,000 kilometers, of which 13,000 kilometers will be built for new high-speed railways; by 2020, the operating mileage of China's railways will reach more than 120,000 kilometers, of which 16,000 kilometers will be built for new high-speed railways.

    New features of steel: high performance steel is needed to meet the requirements of rail, turnout, car body, wheel and other components for high-speed railway. There are also differences in internal quality, geometric dimension accuracy and external quality standards of rails in the case of small pages and continuous number of main back gorges. In order to ensure the balance of tracks and the smooth operation of high-speed trains, high-speed railway needs to adopt factory-made long fixed-length rail of 100 meters and field welding of 500 meters. In recent years, domestic enterprises have achieved technological upgrading in rail smelting, rolling, transportation, welding, paving, grinding and other industries, and the durability and flatness of rails have reached the first-class level in the world. At present, China's high-speed railway rails have all been localized. High-speed turnout is the key of high-speed railway track structure. A large number of turnouts of 200 kilometers and 350 kilometers per hour are used in Gaojian Railway, which promotes industrial upgrading in material, technology, tooling and transportation. High-speed trains also put forward higher requirements for wheel and body steel.

    As for wheels, at present, our high-speed test wheels have completed the loading test of about 600,000 public reclamation under the condition of 200 km/h 320 public reclamation/h. The research results of composition design and toughening mechanism of medium-carbon ferrite pearlite wheel steel have been applied in the manufacturing process of 200 km/h grade wheels and industrialization has been realized. 。 In the aspect of car body, in order to optimize the structure of lightweight car body and improve the fatigue strength and service life of lightweight car body, hollow axle made of Cr and Mo alloy steel will become an important part of high-speed train. For the manufacture of this product, our country is in the experimental stage. In addition, in the construction of high-speed railway, a large number of bridges and beams are used, ballastless track is adopted, and reinforced concrete is used to replace the broken stones. This also greatly stimulates the demand of steel in the shipbuilding industry. The steel required by the green steel plate shipbuilding industry of large ships mainly includes plate and steel. Profiles and pipes, of which plate is the main. Shipbuilding plates should be approved by classification societies. In dancing, they are basically medium and heavy plates, and a small number of thin plates are mainly used in the upper part of the ship.

    Ship orders have steadily rebounded, and the overall economic performance is good. Domestic experts believe that at present, the improvement of shipping trade will gradually rebound, which will lead to a slow recovery of the new shipbuilding market, but it will take time for the market to fully recover in 2011: Industry experts believe that, driven by the global economic recovery, most shipbuilding markets in the future need. It is hoped that it will be restored, but the sustainability of the recovery of the shipbuilding market remains to be further observed in view of the serious problem of excess capacity in the current shipbuilding market and the large number of hand-held order pressures on most types of ships. Among them, refined oil tankers are expected to take the lead in the recovery; container ship owners are profitable in the near future, which will lead to the recovery of the new container ship market; bulk shipping market.

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