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    Heat insulation of color steel house

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    time:2019-10-25 13:43:31


    Dr. Chen: The height of high-rise buildings and the rhythm of space structures are important symbols to measure the level of science and technology of a country's architecture. Of the top 10 buildings in China's active daddy world, there are three in mainland China. After the completion of the Shanghai Global Financial Center (492 meters), it is the tallest building with roof slabs. In addition to the old two-type frame tube and tube-in-tube, more and more super high-rise building structural systems adopt steel structure, steel reinforced concrete and concrete filled steel tube. And there are super high-rise buildings with giant braces, which are being imagined, designed and constructed all over the world. It also has some inspiration for the innovation of our super high-rise buildings. Over 50 stories of super high-rise buildings are mostly steel-bonded truss systems, accounting for 70-80%. About 10% of the reinforcing bar dubious soil system. At present, more and more concrete filled steel tubular (CFST) structural systems are used in super high-rise joints, and supervision is popular. Reporter: Super high-rise building is an important symbol to measure the scientific and technological level of a country's construction. Why are steel structure systems mostly used in super high-rise buildings? Where are their scientificalness and practicability? Dr. Chen actively promotes the application of steel-bonded trusses in buildings, focusing on light steel-bonded trusses, large-span space steel-bonded trusses, high-rise heavy steel-bonded trusses? Steel and concrete composite structures, steel-bonded tenement and other fields.


    Therefore, it is necessary to comprehensively improve the technical level of application of steel-bonded trusses in buildings, actively explore relevant technologies of steel structures, revise, supplement design, construction and materials related technical specifications, regulations and standards, improve the quality management system, improve the quality of steel structures, carry out excellent design and evaluation of excellent projects of steel-bonded structures, so as to promote them for me. The development of steel-bonded buildings determines the foundation. Because the height of super high-rise building is super high-E structure, it has its special advantages to maximize the use area of buildings and reduce the cross-sectional area of sturdy concrete columns. Successful development of various special steels has laid a solid foundation for the construction of this super high-rise steel-bonded truss building. Reporter: It is known that the super high-rise buildings of 200-400 meters generally adopt steel and concrete structure system, and the super high-rise buildings of 400 meters or more adopt steel structure system. In super high-rise buildings, what kind of structural systems are commonly used in super high-rise buildings built or under construction in the world? Dr. Chen: This question is the focus of my lecture. To build super high-rise buildings high, what kind of structural system is very important. It is not only to learn and manage, but also to be the most economical. Generally, there are the following kinds. Structural system Steel-concrete composite structure system.


    The steel reinforced concrete composite structure is a kind of independent structure which embeds the steel in the reinforced concrete. Steel-concrete composite joints are the combination of steel and doubtful soil. They give full play to the advantages of the two materials and overcome each other's shortcomings. They are highly valued. I am a developing country. In the field of steel-concrete composite structures, both theoretical research and engineering application have achieved fruitful results. Especially in the application of high-rise buildings and long-span bridges, the development is very rapid. The super-high-rise buildings with the highest steel-concrete composite structure in the world and the concrete filled steel tubular structures with the largest span of long-span bridges have been built respectively. Concrete filled steel tubular truss is a composite truss formed by filling plain concrete in steel tubular. Its basic principle is that the confinement effect of the shaped steel tube on the core suspected soil makes the core concrete in a three-dimensional compressive state, so that the core concrete has higher compressive strength and compressive deformation capacity. In addition to its superior mechanical properties such as high strength, light weight, good ductility, fatigue resistance and impact resistance, concrete filled steel tubular (CFST) has superior construction performance such as material saving and fast construction speed.

    The concurrent construction of underground and ground joints of high-rise buildings saves construction time. Concrete-filled steel tubular columns have excellent seismic performance, and the cost is not higher than that of concrete.

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