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    Multi-dimensional color steel

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    Order. Reporter: It is known that steel and concrete structure system is used in a super high-rise building of 20040m, and steel structure is used in super high-rise buildings of 400m or more. In super-high-rise buildings, what kind of knot system is commonly used in super-high-rise buildings built or under construction in the world at present: This question is the focus of my lecture. To build super-high-rise buildings high, what kind of knot system is very important. It is not only scientific and reasonable, but also the most general structure as follows. System steel-concrete composite structure system. Section steel-concrete composite structure is a kind of independent structure which embeds section steel into reinforced concrete. Steel-concrete composite joint is the combination of steel and concrete. It gives full play to the advantages of the two materials and overcomes their shortcomings. It has attracted the attention of engineering circles all over the world. I am a developing school. In the field of steel-concrete composite structures, both theoretical research and engineering application have achieved fruitful results. Especially in the application of high-rise buildings and large-span standard beams, the development is very rapid. The steel-concrete composite structure has been built in the world, which is the highest in super-high-rise building and the largest span of long-span bridge concrete filled steel tube structure system.

    The diaphragm of concrete filled steel tubular members refers to the composite members formed by filling the steel tubular with plain coagulants. The basic principle is that the core concrete is in a three-dimensional compressive state by means of the confinement of the circular steel tube to the core suspected soil, so that the core concrete has higher compressive strength and compressive deformation capacity. In addition to its superior mechanical properties such as high strength, light weight, good ductility, fatigue resistance and impact resistance, concrete filled steel tubular (CFST) has superior construction performance such as labor saving, material saving and fast construction speed. The concurrent construction of underground and ground joints of high-rise buildings saves construction time. Concrete-filled steel tubular columns have excellent seismic performance, and the cost is not higher than that of concrete. The structural system of super high-rise buildings with mega-tube, mega-frame and mega-column. The mega-joint-truss system is a kind of super-conventional large-scale joint-truss system with huge thrust stiffness and overall working performance. The main and secondary structures have clear stress and flexible layout, which can meet the requirements of special building forms and building functions. It is especially suitable for the application of large and complex high-rise and super-high-rise buildings.

    In recent years, the early morning mega-frame has played a great advantage in the super-high-rise building structure, which is welcomed by the majority of structural engineers and architects. Among them, the exposed giant frame + support system has become a fashionable way of dealing with architecture at present because it enriches the facade of the building. Intelligent and informative high-rise building system. In line with the progressive strategic thinking, in order to gradually realize the social informationization in Zhongyuan, intelligent buildings (including buildings and districts) are being built in Zhongyuan, and the level and advanced degree of informationization integration are gradually improved. Finally, the digitalization and informationization of Zhongyuan are achieved. With the rise of urbanization, urban informatization is developing both in depth and breadth. Intelligent building as the basis of information technology has become a general trend. Ultra-high-rise intelligent buildings are often used as landmarks and belong to super-protection objects. Structural system of super high-rise buildings with high strength and light weight materials. The members of steel concrete structure have large section, self-weight and long construction period. Therefore, it is of great significance for technology, economy and construction speed to adopt new technology, new structure, advanced construction technology, high strength and light weight materials.

    Steel and steel concrete composite structures have their advantages in reducing self-weight and facilitating construction, but in steel concrete shear wall or steel concrete core tube, high-strength lightweight concrete should be used to reduce self-weight. Lightweight concrete is suitable for floor slabs with a large number of floors. Exterior wall weight must be reduced by means of expert introduction: Chen Xiangfu, Professor-level senior engineer, Doctor of Engineering. He is currently a member of the CPPCC, an expert on special allowances of the State Council, an expert on the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Construction, a vice-chairman and secretary-general of the Science and Technology Association of China Construction Corporation, a chairman of the Academic Council, a chief engineer of the Beijing Institute of Architectural Design of China, a chartered British architect, a registered structural engineer at the national level, and a doctoral tutor of Tongji University. He presided over and participated in the design of more than 70 projects such as Qingshen Zhongyin Building (249 meters), Qatar Foreign Ministry Building (231 meters), Beijing Wanda Square and Tianjin Olympic New Town. He won more than 10 prizes and published more than 10 books such as "Design and Construction of High-rise Buildings". Among them, "Chinese Piles and Deep Foundation Theory and Practice" (English) was awarded ministerial level. And so on.

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