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    time:2019-10-04 10:12:19

    1. Project outline This project is the installation project of arch steel roof truss steel structure for the central exhibition hall project of Qinhuangdao office building. The whole roof is an Arch-steel cable roof. The roof structure weighs about 360 tons, the East-West length is 39.7m, the North-South width is 39.7m, and the surrounding steel box girder is 800*500*20 as the base. The upper chord is made of H-shaped steel and the lower chord is made of steel cable-support structure, and the longitudinal main chord is made of steel. There are 15 beams and 14 transverse secondary beams. The whole roof is embedded in the middle of the office building. The surrounding office buildings have been completed. The three-dimensional model of the arch steel roof truss is shown in Fig. 1 below. The arch steel roof of the central exhibition hall of Qinhuangdao office building 2. The key points and difficulties of Engineering installation (1). Before Weishi, the construction of sliding tyre frame on the floor is also the key point of the project (2). (3) It is a key point of this project to adopt the method of moving installation and how to pinch the moving track. The span of single arch steel structure is nearly 40 meters, the maximum vector is up to 5.3 meters and the weight is up to 25 tons. How to ensure the smooth movement of single steel structure is a major difficulty of the project. 4) After the structure slides in place, the whole roof structure will be moved down to complete the unloading of the structure. It is also a difficult point in this project.

    3. General idea of slip installation 3.1 construction 2. Construction plan of central exhibition hall of Qinhuangdao office building 1. As shown in Fig. 2 above, the floor elevation is 21.9 meters, and the elevation of supporting slab is 19.04 meters (2). According to the distribution of components, the whole roof is divided into A (3-4 lines), B (4-5 lines), C (5-6 lines), D (6-7 lines) E (7 lines). - The construction sequence of five assembling units A, B, C and D is shifted by sliding method. The E unit is eventually loaded in bulk 3. Subgrade boxes are laid on the construction platform with the floor support slabs of 1 to 3 axes. The frame width is 3 meters and the length is 14 meters. The height depends on the joint height of each steel beam. After the completion of the roof group in this area, From left to right trickle, side group to side slip, group to end a Wei one, move to the designated position, use Jack to lift the entire roof arch structure, take out the sliding track device, and finally use the field automobile silk to cooperate with the construction deployment of silk 2 3.2.1 lifting equipment selection lifting equipment is mainly used to reverse bulk parts to the implementation. The completed roof platform and the assembly of the primary and secondary components of each roof are completed on the platform to prepare for slippage. After calculation, the heaviest component is about 5t, the installation height is 2259m, and the horizontal distance is more than 156 M. Considering the height and horizontal distance, 160 tons of automobile crane is selected, which occupies 31m outside 3 axles, to meet the requirements of hoisting and assembly, such as chimney.

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