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    In the construction of large-span space structures, the most widely used construction method is the high-altitude subsection or block hoisting method. One of the most important technical measures of this kind of construction method is the reasonable setting of temporary support system. Temporary support system guarantees the smooth construction process and the safety of construction process. Temporary support system provides support support support for permanent structure before it is formed. It makes permanent tie and temporary support structure form a mixed structure system which works together. Temporary support system has become a part of structural construction system and plays a direct role. 1.1 Temporary support system for load transfer is classified as long-span space structure installation. Temporary support system should be reasonably selected and designed according to the structure system, lifting unit division, lower structure and construction site conditions, so as to ensure operability, safety, convenience and economic feasibility of temporary support system. Classification can be divided into solid belly type, lattice type, combined support and so on. According to the supporting materials, it can be divided into: section steel support, steel pipe scaffolding, Bailey support, grid support and so on.

    According to the direction of support, it can be divided into three parts: the selection of 1.2 temporary support system, such as vertical support, horizontal support and diagonal support, and the arrangement of support points. The selection and layout of temporary support system need to consider the technical conditions of installation scheme, structural form, lower knot and construction site environment comprehensively. The following aspects are analyzed: strength, deformation and stability of temporary support eyepiece; bearing safety of lower concrete structure; convenience of temporary support assembly and disassembly; and operation of temporary support. Economic 1.3 The unloading process of temporary support system and structural system transformation temporary support system is essentially the process of transforming the mixed joint truss system used in construction into the permanent structure system designed theoretically, so it is also called the transformation process of joint truss system. It is the dynamic alkali weakness of the support restraint of permanent structure at temporary support point until it is eliminated. The process of change. The calculation of the transfer process of the junction system is to seek a safe and reasonable cyclic unloading process to ensure the safety of the permanent structure and the unloading process during the unloading process.

    2. The general situation of the project and the installation plan of the new terminal building of Ordos Airport resembles a winged eagle in overall architectural shape, with a total building area of about 100,000?. Steel structure roof adopts space large-span three-dimensional truss and space truss structure. The departure and arrival hall (Area A) is a large dome with a diameter of 108 M. It consists of a central spherical shell, an inner ring truss, a truss for the main truss and a sectoral latticed shell and an outer ring truss between them. The dome structure is connected with a concrete column through a Y-shaped steel column. The boarding corridor has a wingspan of 490 m and a bolted ball grid structure. 2.2 The construction and installation scheme only introduces the dome installation scheme of Area A. The bolt ball grid structure of boarding Gallery adopts the construction scheme of full scaffolding at high altitude and bulk loading, and the construction scheme of symmetrical rotation and cumulative slip is no longer used for the dome of Area A. The radial main truss is assembled on the ground and in two sections at high altitude. The single-layer latticed shells between the main trusses, the inner and outer ring trusses are assembled in bulk at high altitude. Two bracket assembling platforms are installed on the left and right sides of the structure. The inner ring is assembled first, and the left and right structures are assembled at the same time. The symmetrical rotation accumulates slip.

    Assembly platform and slip track arrangement (Fig. 1).

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