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    Beam of steel structure

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-05 13:56:35

    3.3 Wind load is the main lateral force considered in the formation of bracket. In addition to supporting frame itself to withstand wind load, the main truss supporting the tower body is mainly considered. In order to improve the wind resistance of the tower, the lattice column top frame is set as the horizontal support system at the top of the tower. In addition, in order to improve the torsional stiffness of the planar support system on the top of the consolidated truss column, two-way cable wind can be installed on the top of the support frame of the inner ring and the middle ring to transmit the wind load on the main truss of the roof, and the wind load on the main truss of the inner ring to transmit four temporary support systems from the whole structure. The design calculation of temporary support system considers the repeated use of support and designs according to the permanent structure. The load includes static load and dynamic load, static load: structural component self-weight load + construction load; dynamic load: wind load. The design of bracing system includes static analysis and design of joints, resistance analysis of joints, temperature stress analysis of joints, lateral stiffness analysis of structures and overall stability analysis of structures. 4.1 Static load under load condition 4.1.1 Static load calculation of self-weight load of steel roof and uniform load during construction of steel structures.

    The maximum design value of vertical load acting on the top of support column is the maximum value in each step of installation process and unloading stage. 4.1.2 Because the supporting tower system is not a temperature sensitive structure, the tower design does not consider the temperature effect. 4.1.3 The duration of earthquake action on construction process is short, so the design of supporting tower does not consider earthquake action. 4.1.4 Wind Load Basic Wind Pressure: 0.5KN/?. Wind Load Calculations: Wind Load on Lattice Column, Wind Load on Horizontal Support, 4.2 Slip Support Frame on Roof Truss and Track Beam Design Check Calculations 4.2,1 Outer Ring Slip Track Beam Design and Check Calculations The Top Elevation of Outer Ring Slip Track is the same as the Page Elevation of Concrete Column (the Bottom Elevation of Support), and Slip on the Top of Concrete Column The track beam has a span of H700 *400 *14 *25 of the box-shaped member with moving beam. The steel pipe brace P219 *10 is set at the bottom, and the brace is supported at 1/3 of the track beam. When the steel roof rotates and slides on three tracks, the sliding beam is subjected to vertical and radial horizontal loads transmitted from the upper part.

    The vertical load acting on the slip beam is F=507KN and the horizontal force Fh=137KN. The horizontal force acts on the top surface of the sliding track. According to the position of the sliding boot during the sliding process, the model is divided into four states as follows.

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