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    time:2019-10-09 09:08:08


    As a new type of steel-bonded truss, H-section steel with corrugated webs is still in the stage of development in the design and construction of its components. In order to improve the mechanical properties of corrugated web, Shanghai Oben Steel Structure Co., Ltd. and Tongji University have carried out flexural strength test, axial compression test, shear test and fatigue test of corrugated web members. The experimental results show that the adjacent members of the folded steel webs support each other, and the bending position plays a good role in stiffening ribs, which greatly improves the shear buckling capacity of the folded steel webs compared with the general straight webs. The use of corrugated web steel beams instead of traditional flat web steel beams can reduce the thickness of steel girder webs without or without transverse stiffeners, which has obvious economic benefits. It is worth carrying out large-scale promotion of key words: corrugated web engineering application cooperates with dozens of experimental studies, and Shanghai Ouben Steel Structure Co., Ltd. participates in Tongji University. The compilation of technical specification for H-section steel structure with corrugated webs compiled by Editor-in-Chief; according to the requirements of the specification, the project design has been carried out in the projects undertaken by the author. Through examples, the application of corrugated webs in engineering structures is introduced, and attention should be paid to the steel components which corrugated webs can be widely used in civil buildings and their structural components. The silk truck beam, roof beam and floor composite beam are briefly analyzed, and compared with the conventional flat web H-beam design.


    It can be seen from the Technical Regulations for Corrugated Web Steel Bonding that the special stress path of H-shaped steel truss with corrugated web is concise and clear. Under the action of axial force and bending moment, the web is effective only, and the web does not bear any axial force. Under the action of shear force, only the web is effective, and the shear stress is uniformly distributed. The division of labour between web and soup is clear. The flexural strength and shear strength can be checked separately under the combined action of bending moment and shear force, without considering the interaction between them. The corrugates mentioned in this paper are all the corrugates used in the joint test of Shanghai Oben Steel Structure Co., Ltd. and Tongji University. In order to simplify the appellation, this web H-section steel is also called Z-section steel. The main parameters of corrugated web are as follows: 1. Two-way bending member (crane girder) silk truck girder, 15t silk truck girder (lifting span 21.5m) and 10m column spacing of the second phase of Suzhou Pujie nonwovens workshop project. Crane parameters: four wheels on each side, maximum wheel pressure: 55.4kN wheel spacing C1 = 1200m m, C2 = 1418mm, maximum width W of the vehicle is 1.05t, and the weight of the vehicle is 11t; the calculated results are compared with the design values of shear force of the bearing section zH1250X350 (200) X3 *14 (8) shown in the table below: V = 274.1kN; the design values of bending moment Mx = 62948kN-m, My = 21.14kN. According to the regulations, the calculated cross-section inertia is short. The main cross-sectional parameters are as follows: eaves height: 835 m, 4X24 m, single roof slope, column spacing 11.7 m, roof suspension load: 0.15 kNmm2 dead load 20 kNmm2, live load: 0.30 kN/mm2 basic wind pressure 0.50 kN/mm2, ground roughness A, 7 degrees to defend all roofs. H-section steel beams with corrugated webs are used in beams (including partially sandwiched beams). H-section steel with corrugated webs is used in steel columns and main beams of sandwich platforms, which is the traditional flat webs. For convenience of chopping, H-section steel with corrugated webs is all equal cross-section.

    Because the existing structural design procedures are not embedded in corrugated web specifications, the equivalent bending stiffness method is adopted in the design (using PKPM-STS program). The roof steel beams input flat web steel beams, which participate in the overall calculation and analysis of the structure and are replaced by corrugated web trusses. For example, when the program is input, the section H835*200*5X8 (short section inertia I X776057cm4 around X axis, torsional inertia moment It=10.2384cm4) is obtained. The maximum bending moment MX=365kNM in the bending plane is obtained, the corresponding axial force is 35 kN, and the maximum shear force=75 kN. The actual construction of corrugated web H-shaped steel beam is H950X220*23X8 (section around X axis). Inertia short IX780881cm4, section torsional inertia moment I = 98602cm4 is similar to the crane beam mentioned above. The difference is that the roof beam is inclined beam, and the connection between the roof rigid frame column and the corrugated web steel beam. Because the joints at the joints must transmit shear and bending moments in two directions, the web (joint area) at the joints between the beam and the column disappears. There are corrugated webs instead of flat webs as shown in the figure below.

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