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    time:2019-10-09 10:18:37

    Kunming New Airport Terminal is located in Dabanqiao Town, Guandu District, Kunming City. The total building area of the terminal is 448400. It is mainly composed of the main building of the front-end middle area (Area A), the finger corridor on both sides of the East and West (Area E, Area F), the central finger corridor (Area C), the Y-shaped finger corridor on the far-end East and West (Area G, Area H) and so on. North-South length 855.1 meters East-West race 1134.8 meters. The projection area of the whole terminal is about 180,000 square meters. Front Central Area (Area A): East-West Competition (including cantilever and roof eaves) is about 354 meters; North-South Competition (including cantilever and roof eaves) is about 282 meters; Projection area is about 83,000 square meters East-West corridor area (Area E, Area F): East-West length is about 408 meters; East-West Competition ends are 60 meters and 48 meters; the narrowest is 24 meters; Projection area is about 16,000 square meters each. Middle finger corridor (area B): the maximum width of East and West is about 137 meters; the length of North and south is about 278 meters; the projection area is about 17,000 square meters and the central area after 4 (area C): the maximum width of East and West is about 240 meters; the length of North and south is about 185 meters; and the projection area is about 21,000 square meters.

    Distal Y finger deer (G, H): the maximum competition is about 71 meters and 42 meters at both ends; the length is about 289 meters; the projection area is about 140,000 square terminal buildings (+0.000) and the elevation is 2102.35 meters. The highest point of the terminal is the top of the roof on the South side, with a relative elevation of 72.91 meters. The metal roof is placed on the three-dimensional curved surface grid, covering an area of about 2.46 million square meters. The roof system has fluorocarbon coated Al-Mg-Mn alloy plate as its upper surface, which integrates many functions such as waterproof, decoration, lighting and support. The construction scope of this project mainly includes: metal roof system (including steel-bonded purlin installation, floor installation, non-woven fabric, glazed silk cotton, purlin installation, moisture-proof air-proof membrane installation, sound-proof composite board installation, waterproof coil laying, aluminium alloy T-code installation, roof lightning protection system installation, carbon-coated aluminium-magnesium-manganese alloy plate installation); roof gutter; Siphon system; roof lighting skylight system; eaves and other related projects. The deepening design and construction of this project strictly abide by the relevant national and industrial design and construction codes and standards; according to the overall construction progress plan of the general contractor, the roof construction procedures and plans are worked out, and feasible construction and installation measures are put forward for key and difficult points.

    (1) The roof system is used to construct the metal roof project of Kunming New Airport Terminal Building. The roof system has the following characteristics: elegant and beautiful, slender roof lines and does not affect the overall structural waterproofing and drainage effect of the roof design. It is constructed by automatic control machinery with flexible, fast and precise installation. Really, economically. Strong water tightness: metal roof panel's occlusion mode is vertical one-way double folding and automatic occlusion relying on mechanical force. The plate coincides tightly and has strong water tightness. It can effectively prevent the whole structure system of metal roof in this project from being composed of four parts: metal roof, drainage ditch, roof siphon system and roof daylighting skylight system. Roof bread includes its surrounding eaves and other related items.

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