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    Definition of steel and related processes

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-20 14:13:20

    Do you know the difference between steel and iron? I think it is simple to say that the stainless steel sheet is said to have a carbon content of more than 0.025%, which is lower than 2.11% of iron-carbon aluminum alloy. Iron is the kind of gift that nature has given to people. After the extracted iron ore is put into the smelting plant in the ironmaking blast furnace, the cast iron is obtained. The cast iron can be divided into steelmaking pig iron and foundry pig iron according to the different smelting plant processing technology and main use. Steel-making pig iron is this iron-carbon aluminum alloy with a carbon content of > 2%, together with a small amount of silicon, manganese, sulfur, phosphorus and other elements, in which silicon and manganese are beneficial elements, according to the proportion of The presence of in the steel can significantly improve the compressive strength of the raw material . strength and corrosion resistance and wear resistance, while sulfur and phosphorus are harmful, which will lead to the thermal ductility and cold ductility of the steel, reducing the characteristics of raw materials.

    The ironmaking iron is put into the steelmaking furnace and smelted according to the necessary proportion. The obtained molten steel is cast and formed, and after water cooling, the steel ingot or slab is obtained, which is cold-rolled into various aluminum profiles. In order to obtain stainless steel sheets with different characteristics, nutrients such as chrome . nickel . molybdenum . tungsten . vanadium are added during the whole process of smelting, and this composition determines the different characteristics of stainless steel sheets. In which "chromium" can improve the corrosion resistance of stainless steel sheets, generally internationally, stainless steel sheets containing more than 13% Cr are called stainless steel sheets. Nickel can increase the compressive strength and ductility of stainless steel plates by . Molybdenum can prevent the stainless steel plates from becoming brittle. The tungsten can improve the wear resistance of stainless steel plates. Don';t look at the low strength of tungsten, only about 40s, but their resistance. The wear resistance is very high, and vanadium can improve the wear resistance and plasticity of stainless steel sheets.

    high carbon steel - carbon content below 0.25) 507x         

    carbon steel - carbon content of at most 0.7% following  

    in carbon - carbon content 0.25 ~ 0.6) 507x   ;        

    carbon tool steel - carbon content generally 0.65 ~ 1.355938x/p>

    high carbon steel - carbon content exceeds 0.60) 507x       

    stainless tool steel - carbon content generally 0.45 ~ 0.7%, Cr content exceeds 13 375xnbsp;

    roller bearing stainless steel - carbon content is usually 1%, of Cr content exceeds 13 375xnbsp;

    steel front - aka high speed steel, the carbon content is usually 0.7 ~ 1.65%, containing Tungsten 5.5~19%, when working at 600 °C, the strength can be maintained at around HRC60.

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