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    Countermeasures to prevent deformation of steel structure

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-20 14:13:20

    stainless steel sheet often has the necessary ductility. It is very easy to deform during the whole process of steel structure processing. Generally is mainly characterized by thermal expansion, cold deformation or interrelated prefabricated components. It can not be assembled into integration. The thermal expansion of steel prefabricated components is generally . Due to the poor welding method, the cold deformation is caused by large volume and poor rigidity; the pre-fabricated components can not be assembled into one, and the construction of the stakeout line is prohibited, the assembly order is incorrect or the deformation is related, and the steel structure is processed. In the case of deformation, it is necessary to carry out the shaping solution, which only increases the cost of processing the steel structure, and together increases the construction period of the steel prefabricated components.

    It is a bad thing for buyers and sellers.

    Bohai Steel Structure Processing Enterprise Network today, together with everyone to improve how to avoid the steel structure processing deformation discussion.


    a, steel processing method stationary fixture: use the large rigidity fixture holding member composition of the weld, the deformation actuating force with the right, and then to carry out seam welding, said fixture fixed manner such Do not move the law. The squeezing force and the gathering force caused by the inside of the welding piece are limited by the interaction force of the fixture, and the deformation can be remarkably reduced. However, there are large thermal stresses inside the welded parts in this way, and this method is not suitable for prefabricated components with small thermal stresses of the specified welded parts.  

      Second, the anti-deformation method: prefabricated components should be distinguished according to the state of the metal structure before welding. When the water after welding is cooled, the orientation and the amount of deformation are generated, and the weldment is bent or tilted in the opposite direction in advance, and after welding, the deformation of the is corrected, and the repaired portion is repaired. It can only exceed the purpose of avoiding welding deformation and reducing residual stress.

    Third, the use of precise positioning control method: steel prefabricated components before welding, using a lot of spot welding to accurately position the welding position or around, can also be pressed on both sides of the welding to lift, this type of method called precision positioning control.  

    Fourth, electric welding welding order method: proper distribution of electric welding order is a reasonable way to avoid welding deformation. The regularity of the welding deformation is that the deformation caused by the first layer welding is quite large, and the deformation variables caused by each welding usually cannot be mutually offset, and the deformation orientation after the welding is consistent with the deformation orientation caused by the welding of the total welding.

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