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    Management methods for steel raw materials

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-20 14:13:20

    raw material management plays a key role in the processing of steel structure. The raw material is the basis for ensuring the structural quality of steel structure engineering. The quality management of prefabricated components is essentially the first problem of credibility management method. Therefore, in the management of raw materials. Not only must a set of rules and regulations management plan be developed, but also qualified raw material technicians should be selected, staff members who are skilled in raw material business processes, or staff who are professionally trained and responsible for their duties.

    The following Bohai steel structure according to its own experience, to discuss with you the management methods of steel raw materials

    First, the steel frame structure raw materials into the warehouse, stainless steel plates must be applied for processing in the warehouse before entering the warehouse, that is, product testing units and raw material technology Personnel should check the specifications and models of raw steel grades, quality certificates and quality inspection reports, raw material production batch numbers, and test the raw material process performance.

    Second, after the inspection and approval of stainless steel plate, the management method unit immediately feedbacks the raw material quality certificate and the re-examination pass proof material and the raw material production batch number, steel number and specification model to the technical and manufacturing unit to carry out the process technology formulation.

    III. Inspection and approval of stainless steel plates After passing the inspection, the raw materials shall be classified according to the type, steel number, materials, specifications and production batch numbers. Be sure to pay attention: no matter whether the raw materials are stored in the room or outdoors, the bottom layer needs to be placed about 200mm high, so that the stainless steel plates are piled up in the mat, and the raw materials are not suitable for stacking too high.

    Fourth, according to the steel structure engineering structure, a part of the stainless steel sheet that has been inspected and accepted into the warehouse must be normalized. The content is stainless steel sheet leveling and straightening, together with the prevention of rust treatment and coating solderability rust prevention. Handling paint primers in operation.

    Five, stainless steel plate collection and transmission, do a good job of collecting and sending visas to handle the formalities in the work of the warehouse to develop raw materials management methods, to avoid the problem of random feeding and casual to the warehouse.

    Sixth, the remaining steel recycling management method, the remaining materials that can be used should be done in two levels of work, one must be used in the remaining manufacturing manual, so the corner residual material should be identified which building project Residues in the corners, and indicate the residual material, steel number, size and thickness of the corners; second, select the color architectural paint to mark the material, wipe the inner hole of the steel plate, and use the architectural paint to fill the corner plan Material, size specification, thickness and time of purchase and storage, in order to avoid the coloring time falling for a long time, the anti-counterfeiting mark should be used in the painted hole and plan position to add the hard content to the description, which is beneficial to the corner filler. When you use it, you can find it.


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