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    Service life of Hengshui steel structural steel structure engineering

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    time:2019-08-23 09:49:57

    Advantages of steel structure engineering: steel engineering category: housing engineering, real estate development, most of the urban areas of the farmland company, public buildings and commercial services and industrial buildings. The main use is common.    steel structure engineering design concept: door steel frame structure, structure is more common H channel steel composite structure steel. steel slab design concept: Steel Works common in the concrete floor plate and cold rolled thick concrete slab cast concrete structures (known as a steel plate concrete) slab Bohou usually not less than 150mm. If the steel columns and the steel plate concrete together - concrete applications, known as MST composite beam, if appropriate calculations, structural reinforcement to be effective, a stud fly, a steel plate for steel roofs and flooring light can save about 20%, and there is no required.

    smooth conduct inspection on steel columns. steel installation and contrast concrete engineering and construction: a big saving construction time, construction did not suffer harm season; the basic design concept of the way    Steel Works : higher basic fundamental provisions, depth 1 1.5m-3m, composition ground beam complement each other. The    steel construction works in a flexible room with a reasonable layout and real estate bubble. The partition wall in the room is used for small bearing capacity, and can be designed and designed for reasonable layout in the room (such as large yard, exhaust, reverse, level, etc.); the wall thickness is about 1/2 in traditional structure, and the inner cover is used. expand. Exceeding 10%, the property price reached 92%; the slab has no load-bearing beam, and the aspect ratio of the wooden floor is increased by about 200mm.

    enhance the indoor use area of the settlement indoor space, reduce urban garbage and air pollution; building decoration materials can be reused many times, steel frame structure raw materials to promote the development trend of China';s real estate industry, decorative building materials, hardware building materials industry Steel structure engineering uses composite wall and wooden floor, a variety of machinery and equipment, pipelines can be placed in it, anti-theft, video intercom system, fresh air system exhaust system and other intelligent advanced equipment can be combined with the chassis The product is extremely integrated. It has excellent seismic grade characteristics, easy to modify in the application, convenient and convenient, and comfortable. Advantages of    steel structure engineering: steel structure engineering is 30% 83,495x50% lighter than concrete structure; another, steel frame structure has small cross section, wall thickness is about 1/2 of traditional structure, and the inner casing area is increased by about 10%.

    property prices reached 92%. The design style is novel and unique, and it fully presents the characteristics of steel frame structure and contemporary building type. Steel structure engineering use period comprehensive: 70~100 years .

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