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    Welding procedure qualification of Hengshui Steel Structure Engineering

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-23 10:32:59

    steel structure engineering welding method butt weld and fillet weld welding process evaluation;     electric welders and other technical types to carry out on-the-job training, and evaluation after passing the permit; &;   all accurate measuring equipment And equipment inspection, maintenance, re-inspection; &;   before the installation of the equipment, the organization accurately measures the staff, the vertical and horizontal centerline errors of the embedded implants, the embedded design elevation, and the columns The statistical data of the follow-up statistics will be copied to the project owner, the project leader, and the construction workers and engineering team. The construction team of each project team is at the construction site, and the statistics are used as prefabricated components for installation and adjustment.

    together with the mechanism accurate measurement staff return the docking point of the main arch and the secondary arch on the road, and make accurate measurement marks at each return point.     After the production and processing of the prefabricated components shipped to the scene, the project leader';s agency staff conducted a careful review of the prefabricated components or semi-finished products (review of prefabricated components or semi-finished products for the design of geometric specifications, welding appearance quality , and the prefabricated component certificate and welding inspection record, etc.), and the return statistics are carefully recorded. When transferring the prefabricated components or semi-finished products to the next process, the inspection records are transferred to the pre-fabricated components or semi-finished products processing transfer list and transferred to the engineering construction responsible person;     before the construction team enters the construction site, the project needs For the key technical characteristics of the project, the construction team of the various positions of the organization carries out the purposeful technical disclosure, so that various construction teams can master the operation steps and characteristics of the machines required for the application in the construction. Proficiency in the actual construction of the construction machine at the construction site. 83,700,000,8,8 The power supply system is provided by the community owner for water resources and switching power supply. The independent intelligent water meter and the independent power distribution meter watt-hour meter for the power supply and power supply system are installed by the owner. The installation location of the smart water meter and the power distribution meter watt-hour meter is determined by the construction site. . Temporary pavement: use the temporary pavement of the community owner to enter the raw materials and clear the spot. The bedroom, temporary raw material warehouse and small tool warehouse are determined according to the construction site.

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