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    Construction Design of Hengshui Steel Structure-Building Steel Structure Project

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-09-27 10:19:02

    The optimum design of building steel structure is particularly important. The style of steel structure design embodies the designer's idea.

    For example, the steel structure of the Bird's Nest is formed by a series of spatial rigid frames which revolve around the inner ring to form a rhombic structure. Therefore, engineers and technicians must proceed from reality and pay attention to the rational and scientific design of the project.

    1. Design Principles of Steel Structure Engineering:

    Structural scheme (conceptual design): This is the soul of steel structure design. The choice of structural scheme directly affects the success or failure of the project. Component layout:

    What kind of component arrangement and the distribution of the force at each fulcrum need to be calculated strictly. Section shape: It not only requires structural components to bear the greatest pressure, but also requires the shape of section to be artistic in human vision.

    Structure: The miniaturization of node structure requires that structural components are the most economical in cost and occupy the smallest space.

    2. Rationality of steel structure engineering design:

    Whether the material strength is fully exerted, whether the treatment of pressure (tension) force is reasonable;

    Whether the manufacturing and installation cost of steel structure is small or not;

    Whether the span of roof structure is large or not;

    Whether the roof structure has artistic tension or not;

    Whether the material strength plays a full role in manufacturing and installation costs is directly related to the material strength. The material strength is the most economical. Only by giving full play to the material strength can the cost be reduced. Recommended Reading: Welding Material Inspection for Steel Structural Engineering

    Large-scale roof structure should not only have reasonable structure, but also have artistic appeal.

    3. The overall optimization of space structure and the technology used in steel structure engineering design often reflect a country's construction technology level. Building materials are closely related to building structures.

    The structural form of steel structure building should not only be beautiful, but also bear the greatest stress with the smallest unit area.

    There are many factors, such as structure, material, installation, etc. Six relationships should be dealt with in optimum design of steel structures:

    The relationship between material and architecture, architecture (art) and structure (strength), structure and structure, beam structure and roof space structure, structure and structure.

    The relationship between academic charm and personality charm (social responsibility) of scientific and technological personnel, the relationship between winning bids abroad and deepening design in China;

    In recent years, steel structure building has attracted people's attention and has been widely used in large cities. "Steel structure" is used in many large-scale engineering and image engineering. Such as Beijing Olympic Stadium, Shanghai Jinmao Tower, Global Financial Center, etc. Recommended Reading: What are the Benefits of Steel Architecture

    Various data show that steel structure building has become the development trend of urban buildings, and steel structure design has become a trend.

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