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    5. Detailed Drawing Management for Steel Structure Construction 5,1 Project Number Management for the component numbers used in the project, according to the overall engineering considerations, project number management includes parts, component numbering system, drawing numbering system report numbering system. For example, component prefix, component prefix and component name should be set in component number. No matter in domestic or foreign projects, the numbering of detailed drawings should be comprehensive, clear and specific. Because of the uniqueness and diversity of the project, the numbering system must be compiled according to the different structural forms and characteristics of each project. It is very important to set up the numbering system in the project management (Table 1). If the project is composed of several sub-items, scientific control and assignment of component number can make it easier for the processing plant to formulate a feasible processing plan according to the schedule of the project. It can also make it easier for us to arrange packing plan and component transportation plan reasonably and to find and count components more easily. In the process of installation, because the components in the same area can be stacked in a specified range, which will help to increase the cost of lifting more fully, and reduce the cost of Table 1 Shenyang Exhibition Center Numbering System Note: The first two X denote area number, and the last two XX denote flow number such as SBC-SYHZ-A101 denote area 01 according to site installation plan and A phase. The Party shall make reasonable arrangements for the duration of the project to deepen the design.

    Ensure the smooth completion of the project. The total tonnage of Shenyang Exhibition Center is 8640t. Auto cAD and XSTEEL are used to convert the construction details into software. Deepening the design of the project is 10 days (Table 2 Yang Exhibition Center project period into 5.3 document control management in foreign projects, foreign documents control work is very rigorous, responsible, clear process, detailed classification of documents. While we are learning from foreign engineering, we also carry out document control work according to the characteristics of domestic engineering. When receiving the drawings provided by the original design unit, the blueprint needs to be stamped with the stamp number of the design institute, and the unified format is used. Record sheets are required for sending and receiving mail. The relevant departments of copying are clearly identified in the document control data, and the documents can be found in the records. Technical information and correspondence controlled in the course of engineering process play an important role in engineering settlement, final accounts and claims. At the same time, it is also the project of 6 concluding remarks summarized above, through the Shenyang Exhibition Center construction detailed drawings to deepen the design and management of the work and focus. According to practical experience and scientific management, the goal of deepening the construction period to 10 days has been achieved.

    In the graphic deepening design of plane steel arch beam and space steel arch torsion beam, the advantages of CAD software and XSTEEL software have accumulated rich experience in the deepening design of space curve structure. The project of Shenyang Exhibition Center was appraised as "Building Steel Structure Gold [1]"Practical Handbook for Construction and Quality Acceptance of Steel Structural Engineering"2003 [2]"Code for Design of Steel Structures"GB50017-2003 [3]"Code for Acceptance of Construction Quality of Steel Structural Engineering"GB50205-20014]"Technical Specification for Welding of Building Steel Structures".

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