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    Machining and Making Microdisk of Graphic Building Steel Structures

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-13 14:30:09

    图解建筑钢结构加工制作 微盘

    Steel Q345B is used in the design. Beams and columns are 500 mm wide box section. The section height of upper half-span beam is 500-1200 mm, and that of lower half-span beam is 500,1784 mm. The section height of single column is 500-1200 mm and that of double column is 500-1724 mm. The three-hinged pin shafts are all D150 mm. 2.5 Engineering Analogy and Simplified Design Nest "is actually a cross-braided structure of truss. Architects imitate the creation of nature. The more chaotic the structure, the more obvious it is, the more in line with the architectural design concept. The structural designer finds out the rule from the disorder, arranges the 24 trusses along the plane ellipsoid radial array, weaves the bird's nest structure, and realizes the breakthrough simplification. While pursuing the natural effect of bird collection, saddle-shaped sports architecture is also needed, which results in the distribution of truss-type rigid frame joints along saddle-shaped space curve instead of a horizontal one. Not only does it make adjacent trusses unequal in height, but each truss itself is not a vertical plane truss, but a space braided structure with unequal height of bending and torsion truss family formed by bending and torsion of outer column joints of three-dimensional truss.

    It can be concluded that the bending and torsion truss, the hub and the cross knit saddle weaving knot, the swimming training hall of Shenzhen sports center takes the essence of the bird nest cross rigid frame, the weaving knot is extreme, and the weaving point is the least. The cross arrangement of the rigid frame along the oblique array along the rectangular long side of the plane (fig. 3) is designed to form a simple cross structure of the equal-height torsional rigid frame with roof drop hinges. This project upholds the design concept of "simplification of complex problems", realizes simple structure of complex buildings and simple processing of complex structures. There are no cast steel joints in the whole project, and all of them adopt welding technology to realize unique classical architectural modeling. 3. Summarize that the swimming training hall of Shenzhen Sports Center has been built and used for more than two years. In addition to the gravity load, it has undergone many tests of typhoon attack and temperature change along the coast. The engineering experience of its design, processing and installation shows that 1) the three-hinged portal frame with roof drop is established. 2) Rectangular plane layout of equal column spacing flexural-torsional rigid frame space intersection structure, the use of plane hinges is feasible 3) flexural-torsional rigid frame space intersection structure, without column support (Figure 6, Figure 2). Under the guarantee of certain support construction technical measures, the longitudinal is geometrically stable structure system 4) "Complex building simple structure, complex structure simple processing design concept It is advisable to carry forward and uphold the remarkable economic and social benefits.

    5) The results of design calculation and analysis of the rectangular plane layout equi-column spacing buckwheat torsion rigid frame crossing structure in this paper have certain practical reference value, and need to be fully summarized and discussed. 6) The rigid frame crossing structure system without pillar support is a system, simple and beautiful, highly respected by architects and appreciated by society, and has the value of popularization and application. It is suggested that a series of concepts, customs separation, force analysis, type selection, processing and installation of such structural systems be established for further study. References 1] Reinforced concrete structures of Nanjing Institute of Technology, Tongji University, Tianjin University (Volume 2, p94), Fan Zhong, China Construction Industry Press, Dec. 1980, and other national stadiums large-span steel structure design and construction [] Design and construction of large-scale construction steel structures of China Construction Industry Press, 2007 [3] Zhou Yongming, Jiang Liangjun, Liao Gonghua, etc. Processing Technology of Large Space Box Section Distorted Members in Stadium [Design and Construction of Steel Structures in Large-scale Buildings, China Construction Industry Press, 2007 [4] Deepening Design and Processing of Hubing Yinguo Manliang and Other Cross-bending and Torsional Rigid Frames in Shenzhen Civil Architecture, 2011 Author Brief Introduction to Guo Manliang, International Competition of Shenzhen Universiade Center Building Scheme Acting Moderator, Structural Professional Negative Bomber, Structural Expert of Technical Scheme Evaluation, Stadium Nodal Design Professional Negative Bomber, Head of Construction Nodal Research Group of Dayun Center, Technical Evaluation Expert of Bidding Competition for Steel Structure Processing and Installation of Dayun Center, Expert Committee of China Steel Structure Association, Expert Committee of China Building Metal Structure Association Membership experts, senior members of the Institute of Structural Engineers (Yingjung), Deputy Engineer of Shenzhen General Institute of Architectural Design, professional undertaker of Shenzhen Universiade Center Stadium and head of Huayou Architectural Design Consultant Department.

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