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    Processing and Manufacturing of Linfen Steel Structure in Shanxi Province

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    time:2019-10-14 13:19:23


    At present, the small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in steel structure engineering are generally short of liquidity and difficult to raise funds. Although the government and relevant departments have taken some supportive measures in policy, the financing channels are still not smooth enough. At the same time, the current steel structure market is chaotic, disorderly and low-price competition is very fierce, the steel structure project funds occupy a large amount, and the flow of funds is slow. Most steel structure construction enterprises have relatively small profits, and the capital investment needed for the normal operation of the project is already stretched to the limit. The capital investment used in the development of science and technology is very weak. The lack of technical personnel in small and medium-sized steel structure enterprises generally exists such serious problems as insufficient allocation of technical personnel, inadequate technical management personnel, technicians and technicians on-site professional backbone, etc. Lack. Existing technicians often lack professional and technical training, technical level is limited, practical experience accumulates little, tired of dealing with daily work, even less energy and ability to carry out technology research and development work, lack of necessary organizational means and equipment, small and medium-sized enterprises mainly invest in operation, production and construction management, usually very little refinement. Pay close attention to technology research and development work, because of lack of understanding of the procedure and organizational system of technology development work, lack of special technology research and development organization to lead this work, lack of necessary scientific research instruments and equipment 4. Understanding of the lack of competition of contemporary enterprises in addition to relying on excellent human relations, regional advantages, mainly Competitive Material Technology is the cornerstone of the improvement of enterprise management level.

    Strong technical strength relies on continuous technology research and development and accumulation of research and development results. The leaders of some small and medium-sized enterprises are not aware of the importance of technological research and development and personnel training. They can not see the role of technological progress in promoting the development of enterprises. They can not see that R&D can improve the technological level of enterprises, enhance the visibility of enterprises and enhance the competitiveness of the market. Concerned that there are technical risks in the development of science and technology, which will affect the completion of the project and the benefit of the project, it is better to use conventional methods to insure the lack of necessary data and information. Many small and medium-sized steel structure enterprises pay insufficient attention to the collection of technical data, professional books and technical information, and know little about the advanced technology of steel structure exhibition at home and abroad. Therefore, when enterprises need to carry out technological research and development, they are often unable to set up projects because of lack of relevant technical data. In the face of the problem, they seem to be helpless in small and medium-sized steel structure enterprises to carry out scientific research. Small and medium-sized enterprises have difficulties in technological research and development, but they also have certain advantages.

    In the process of production and construction, small and medium-sized enterprises often encounter new technical problems that need to be solved. When the solution of new technical problems directly affects the quality, progress, safety and economy of the project, we can evaluate and set up projects for the new technical problems in reality, and carry out the technical development work in this regard. Therefore, in practical work, the source of technology hairpin project is extensive. Small and medium-sized enterprises can give full play to the advantages of simple procedure and quick decision-making. They can rapidly carry out topic 3 and research and development work. The actual needs of small and medium-sized steel structure enterprises to carry out technology research and development projects are greater security risks and higher construction costs, which are common in enterprise competition. Difficulties faced. In order to further develop, open up new construction fields and occupy a larger share in the market, steel structure enterprises must constantly carry out technological innovation. Due to the limitation of various conditions in some engineering projects, it is difficult to complete the project by applying traditional techniques and methods. In order to successfully complete the project, it is necessary to establish a project, organize technical tackling, and find new ideas and new methods to solve the problem in view of the risks and difficulties in the project.

    These topics are often the core technology of the project, the key link in the project construction, and the representative problem in the industry development. Through this.

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