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    Cost Estimation of Steel Structure Manufacturing and Processing

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-14 13:25:49

    2. Enterprises cultivate more technical talents in construction through technological research and development, which is also the competition of talents. In engineering practice, enterprises rely on their own cultivation of technical talents with theoretical basis and practical experience, which is an important talent cultivation in the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. Generally speaking, the steel structure industry of Tuesday lacks technical talents. Especially in the production engineering front line and small and medium-sized steel structure enterprises, the performance is particularly outstanding. At the same time, the phenomenon of "job-hopping" of professional and technical personnel in small and medium-sized enterprises is very common, among which salary is one of the factors. On the other hand, the products of small and medium-sized enterprises are single, the technology is relatively backward, and the enterprises lack the stamina for development. The existing technicians can not get the improvement of technology and skills and the renewal of knowledge in their work, and can not realize the self-price of life Value is also a competitive, promising and challenging environment for technological growth of enterprises. In the real work, combined with the actual project, group technology research and development, give everyone the opportunity to learn and develop, let them shoulder certain responsibilities, tap their potential, so that each project implementation can get knowledge harvest and ability improvement.

    By investing a certain amount of manpower, material and financial resources in R&D of Engineering technology, enterprises will accelerate the growth of technological talents, and at the same time, they will retain technological talents with ideals and abilities, provide a strong guarantee for the development of enterprises relying on R&D of science and technology, establish their own technological advantages, and build their own brand industry to develop, to do a big job, to create. Better market development space, hair and marketing are two important links. Relying on the advantage of quick decision-making in project organization, Zhongye has made great efforts in scientific and technological research and development. Through continuous organizational development, accumulation of advanced technology and experience, the achievements of R&D will be transformed into the market competitiveness of enterprises, through technological advantages to provide strong guarantee for marketing, and gradually form a special technology with characteristics, based on the enterprise's own situation, realize the development strategy that does not require big, only strives for strong, and gradually become an industry. Brand enterprises with distinctive characteristics, enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, broaden market space 4. Research and development of science and technology is the catalyst for large-scale development of enterprises, material technology is the first productivity, and the leading factor of enterprise development.

    By organizing the research and development of science and technology within the enterprise, the scientific and technological achievements can be rapidly transformed into construction production. Gradually enhance the leading level of science and technology in the industry, enhance competitiveness, increase market share, and improve the economic benefits of enterprises. Practice and management of scientific and technological research and development for the large-scale development of enterprises with solid foundation and engineering projects are carried out before the implementation of the steel structure project of Bahe Bridge No. 2 in Xi'an. After the ground splicing of inclined cable towers. The scheme of overall vertical rotation is to determine the project, scheme and steps of the project. In the course of the project, the implementation of the project is synchronized with the development of technical issues. According to the specific working conditions and professional and technical characteristics of the project, the technical research and development work of the project relies fully on social resources, and forms complementary advantages and resource sharing by means of joint development with universities and scientific research institutions. Relying on the expert group support of the building steel structure committee, brainstorming, layers of checks. During the project implementation phase, experts, professors and senior professionals from all walks of life have been hired for many times, and the working condition analysis, implementation plan, calculation process and calculation data of each phase have been re-examined and verified.

    To realize the benign interaction with enterprises as the main body, universities and departments as the support, to fully integrate theory and postscript with the implementation of Engineering projects, to give full play to the leading role of modern science and technology in engineering implementation, and to adopt computer real-time control technology, computer simulation technology and computer modeling structure calculation and analysis technology. It improves the control over the safety and reliability of the whole process of project implementation, ensures the best comparison and knowledge of the project under the precondition of smooth implementation, realizes both achievements and talents, and provides technical and professional personnel for the contracting and implementation of performance-based projects. According to the division of construction stage, six specialties have been set up in this technology research and development project.

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