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    2. The main functions of 3D system are communication, recording, playback, and preview 2.1 communication, which means that 3D system reads construction data from antenna hoisting system and writes control data to antenna hoisting system through shallow data communication. Communications are mandatory and cannot be terminated as long as the system is connected. Recording refers to the antenna hoisting system data read by the 3D system and stored in disk files (data recording files) in the prescribed format. Recording is controlled by the antenna lifting system. Recording can not be stopped as long as the system issues recording instructions. 2.3 Surveillance and surveillance means that the data obtained by the 3D system will be displayed on the screen in the form of three-dimensional animation, three-dimensional graphics, figures and charts, so that the operators can understand the real-time working conditions of the construction supervision and construction operation, and assist the operators to control the construction supervision and construction operation. 2.4 Playback and playback refers to the data recorded by the 3D system. The former work of construction equipment and operation is solved by three-dimensional animation, three-dimensional graphics, assistant operator's research, and 5-digit field formula can be set by the operator.

    2.5 Preview refers to the design of a concubine's simulated construction data according to the overall lifting law and experience of steel truss before the formal construction, so that the 3D system can be scratched and unlocked, and the construction process can be demonstrated in advance on the computer screen, which can be used for the construction planning, scheme demonstration, equipment debugging and other three-dimensional simulation design 3.1 scene design D system's three-dimensional simulation design. Simulated images and moving circles can be automatically transformed into "lenses" by the program or manually by the operator to observe from multiple directions and perspectives. Considering that the main tower structure, antenna mast and lifting system of the system have very different volumes, three-dimensional scenes are tailored for the convenience of operation and observation, such as TV tower scenes, antenna mast scenes, lifting system scenes and so on. 3.2 The three-dimensional simulation view of the view preset system is composed of the operator's "lens" angle and visual distance. In order to monitor the real-time quickly and conveniently, several views are preset beforehand, such as lifting platform, hydraulic jack pumping station, lifting guide wheel, antenna mast meal knot and TV frame from all directions and angles. When necessary, the operator can directly align the lens to the preset view he needs.

    3.3 The three-dimensional lens gas of the 3D system can be controlled by the operator with the mouse and arrow keys. The maple angle, near-field, mid-range, long-range, overlook, up-looking and up-looking can be changed by raising, lowering, pushing, pulling, shaking and turning. Figure 7 shows how to use the lens control function to "drill into the inside of the cofferdam and see the roots of the lifting section.

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