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    2) The above-ground frame structure of the main building in the construction stage mainly includes the peripheral steel frame, three outrigger trusses and strip trusses. The outer frame columns are divided into sections every three floors. The longest segment members are 12.6m and 11.4m, and the largest component weight is 12t. The truss storey is assembled in situ at high altitude, and the weight of segments is controlled within 14.7 t. The above-ground frame structure of the main building is installed with two M440D tower cranes (600t. m) arranged in the core tube. One M440D tower crane is transformed from fixed type to internal climbing type. The section of concrete core tube begins to shrink unidirectionally after 35F~36F truss layer. The core tube TG axis shear wall disappears. After reaching 36F height, another M440D tower crane is located outside the core tube. The supporting mode is transformed from internal climbing type to external climbing type. The location of two tower cranes is unchanged. 。 (3) During the construction of antenna mast, the roof antenna mast includes elliptical steel frame layer, main sky latitude and auxiliary antenna. The maximum component weight is controlled within 12 tons. A self-elevating M440D tower crane is used to install the steel structure. (4) During the construction of the steel structure of skirt house, the steel structure of skirt house mainly includes skirt house, atrium and banquet hall frame beam-column structure. Two M440D tower cranes, one ST70/27 tower crane, one 80t crawler crane and one 50t crawler crane are installed in the main building.

    6. Installation Technology of Steel Structure 6.1 Steel Frame Installation Technology Peripheral Frame Steel Structure mainly includes Peripheral Stiff Column, Frame Steel Beam and Core Tube Internal Stiff Column. The standard story height of steel frame is 4.2m and 38m. The outer frame column is one section every three stories, and the length is 12.6m and 11.4m. The maximum weight of components is controlled within 12t. The installation sequence of peripheral steel frames should fully consider the stability of structures (components) in the process of installation, and form unit stiffness as soon as possible to ensure timely positioning in the construction stage and structural safety under different climatic or environmental conditions. At the same time, the welding sequence should be taken into account and the overlapping construction of hoisting and welding should be reasonably arranged. In the installation of peripheral steel frame, the method of joint comprehensive installation is adopted, that is, in the standard steel frame, a joint is selected as the standard room first. Installation of four steel columns immediately after the installation of frame beams, secondary beams and so on, from the bottom to the top one by one constitute a space standard room, and to correct and fix. Then, relying on this standard room, the frame is gradually enlarged according to the prescribed direction. For each two steel columns, one section is installed until the construction layer is completed.

    Steel components are transported with crane. Because the site is very narrow, the steel component yard can only reserve one day's allowance. Therefore, the supply list must be submitted three days in advance every day, and the installation is completed on that day. At the same time, steel frame and civil concrete are constructed by pipeline overlapping, and a certain step distance is maintained. Civil concrete core tube is the first, core tube construction is 6 stories ahead of peripheral steel frame, profiled plate and bolt construction lags behind steel frame 3 stories.

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