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    Shaoxing membrane structure

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-19 13:17:21

    Installation of inner stiffness extensor truss of core tube_installation of outer composite frame column_installation of outer cantilever extensor truss of core tube_installation of ribbon truss. 2) Install temporary support in the core tube shear wall as temporary shelf point of the truss before installing the inner tube stretcher truss. Because of the existing steel platform lattice columns in the barrel, it is no longer considered to set up temporary support, but to use the lattice columns of the steel platform as temporary shelving point of the truss. The single-stiffened extension truss in the barrel is installed in the order of the lower chord (single piece) a diagonal web truss (single piece), the vertical component a upper chord (single piece), and the single component is installed by the single crane of the M440D tower. When installing single-arm truss, the horizontal connecting rod of temporary stable brace and vertical brace should be supported immediately after the vertical brace is installed, and temporary stable brace should be installed before the inclined web brace is installed. After two adjacent trusses are installed in place, horizontal scissors are installed between the upper chords of the truss. In the process of high strength bolt final consolidation, the elevation and axis are monitored by level and theodolite, and the deviation is corrected in time.

    Strength outrigger truss shall be submitted for supervision and acceptance immediately after final consolidation of connection according to design. After acceptance, coagulator pouring shall be carried out. (3) Peripheral composite frame columns shall be installed from the large base plate and shall be installed upward together with the peripheral steel frame structures. Because the outer composite columns of the truss layer need to be connected with the outrigger truss and the strip truss at the same time, the installation accuracy of the outer composite columns of the truss layer is required to be higher. In order to control the installation accuracy of the truss layer, the elevation, axis and vertical truss columns are adjusted before the installation of the truss layer, so that the installation accuracy of the steel column can be controlled at 1/2000 high precision. (4) External cantilever truss is the key technology to install the whole steel truss structure, which is used to connect the internal stiff cantilever truss of the core tube with the external composite frame column. Considering the difference of vertical deformation between concrete core tube and steel frame structure caused by compression of two kinds of materials, the joint form of external cantilever truss is reliable connection between large hexagonal high strength bolt group and pin shaft of p150. The installation clearance is only 2 mm, and the component of cantilever truss structure is reliable. Pre-assembly must be carried out before leaving the factory. After passing the inspection by the quality inspection and acceptance team composed of the owner, supervisor and general contractor, it can be delivered to the site for installation.

    External cantilever truss of cylinder adopts the form of composite joints, which can produce slight rotation and reduce the additional stress caused by the difference of vertical deformation. Therefore, the external cantilever truss must consider the secondary final consolidation, that is, the 10F~11F external cantilever truss is to be fixed after the initial installation of the truss layer of the truss layer. (5) The installation of the ribbon truss is carried out in the order of the lower chord truss a oblique web truss and the upper chord truss of the vertical member A. After the whole truss layer is installed, the incoming strip truss is welded and the strip truss is welded. The principle of joining sequence is: expanding gradually from both sides of the middle; making local pre-deformation by pre-estimation; staggered welding of adjacent columns.

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