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    time:2019-10-19 13:42:25

    Our steel structure enterprises can be roughly divided into traditional `old-fashioned state-owned enterprises', private steel structure enterprises of a certain scale, extensive management enterprises, intensive management enterprises, subordinate management enterprises and so on. Based on the analysis of the market operation of our steel-bonded enterprises, we can clearly see that the steel-bonded enterprises are doing it. Under the premise of market resources sharing, we should occupy a larger market share with the advantages of target enterprises. But at present, our country's construction steel structure is still in the stage of development, which accounts for a small proportion of the total building volume. Foreign companies monopolize the design of conceptual design to steel structure design. Most domestic steel structure companies only process and manufacture (for example, Beijing Olympic venues are mostly designed by foreign companies for many years, and large-scale projects are often used by one foreign company. Some foreign bidders should arouse people's reflection and concern. In our engineering practice, a number of buildings with novel shapes are being built with high cost and high consumables, which violate the original intention of low-carbon, light and environmental protection of steel structures.

    Among them, the most famous one is the Bird's Nest, which has a bird's eye view of nature and "perfect innocence". Seen from the night view, it is crystal clear and shining, so the atmosphere is favored by many experts and leaders. Is the beauty of the bird's nest really so moving as to be rendered on the drawing? In fact, when the audience enters the Bird's Nest to watch the game, it may not be reflected in the eye? The overlooking effect of aerial view is the huge Inclined Beams and steel columns. Some engineers even put forward that the unreasonable load-bearing structure system of bird gathering makes us pay a great deal of manpower, material and financial resources. However, "why not low-carbon steel structure"? Through the analysis of representative projects abroad, we can find that there are many foreign design projects. In order to concentrate on major projects in the capital and coastal cities, they have sufficient financial resources and do not pay much attention to economic benefits. Domestic design projects are mostly regional projects invested by some countries. Their economy is still an important factor in the selection of schemes. The steel structure systems designed outside of them mostly use plane simple-supported trusses with large steel consumption, while domestic design projects are more advanced. For space trusses and latticed shells, the amount of steel used in foreign design is generally higher than 100 kg/, some can be as high as several hundred kg/, while domestic design is generally less than 100 kg/, and some can be as low as 20-30100 kg/out-of-highway steel structure with novel design, but the load-bearing system and structure are traditional and cumbersome, increasing self-weight and consumables, and increasing labor.

    All the designs show that the scientific and reasonable load-bearing system consumes less material, and the unreasonable scheme wastes material. So why are the outstanding and representative steel structures in our society still coming from the hands of foreign designers? The reason is that our country pays more attention to the novel appearance of steel-bonded truss buildings, but neglects the characteristics of light steel structures. Domestic steel structure enterprises are developing too fast, but they have not perfected a sequence. In the gradual process, the scale of enterprises is expanding too rapidly, which leads to the fact that the industrial technology can not keep up with the pace of expansion. The capacity of steel structure construction often exceeds the capacity of design buildings. Therefore, most enterprises only play the role of "workers" in the construction of projects. Blind construction will only reduce enterprises to the low level of steel structure construction industry. End Production and Processing Plant. Enterprises should improve their own management system, grasp both production and technology, and work at the same pace of output and quality.

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