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    Membrane Structure of Water Paradise

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    Steel-concrete composite structure is a reasonable combination of steel and concrete, which gives full play to their respective advantages. It not only has excellent static and dynamic performance, but also can save steel, reduce engineering cost and speed up construction progress. At the same time, it also has less pollution to the environment, which is in line with the steel-concrete combination that happens frequently in our building structure. Structures have been widely used in the construction of metallurgical, shipbuilding, electric power, transportation and other departments in China. With the rapid momentum, they have entered bridge engineering and high-rise and super-high-rise buildings. Many large-scale highway arch bridges have been built in China with steel-concrete composite structures, such as Guangzhou Yajisha Bridge, 360 meters long, and Chongqing Wanwan. The Changjiang River Bridge in Zhouzhou has a span of 420 meters. The former is a concrete filled steel tube arch bridge, and the latter is a rigid concrete filled steel tube skeleton arch bridge. More than 300 composite truss arch bridges have been built in China. In the aspect of high-rise buildings, Shenzhen Saige Plaza Building, a super high-rise building with composite structure, has been built. It is 291.6 meters high and is the highest steel-concrete composite structure in the world.


    Over 40 steel-concrete composite high-rise buildings have been built in China. The main types of thin-walled steel are louver thin-walled steel and assembly thin-walled steel. Among them, many types can be effectively combined with concrete to withstand external bending moment and shearing force. Some types are assembled sections, which are flexible in layout. They can be applied to light steel composite beams with different cross-section sizes and can be produced in batches as standard profiles. However, before pouring concrete, the shape of these beams must be determined by frame, and some are box-shaped thin-walled. Section steel has poor bonding performance with concrete, and generally only plays the role of formwork. In addition, according to actual needs, a certain number of longitudinal steel bars can be deployed in thin-walled steel reinforced concrete beams to further improve their flexural rigidity and ultimate bearing capacity. The development trend of steel structure residence is that steel structure residence has the characteristics of high strength, light weight, good seismic performance, fast construction admonition, small size of structural components and high industrialization. At the same time, steel structure residence is a reusable green environmental protection material. Therefore, steel structure residence conforms to the promotion project of national industrial policy.

    With the introduction of the policy of banning solid clay bricks and restricting the use of hollow clay bricks, it is urgent to speed up the industrialization process of housing and actively promote the steel structure housing system. But the steel structure residence in our country is still in the initial stage of exploration. There are many imperfections in the steel structure fire prevention, beam-column joints, floor soup acceptability. Therefore, giving full play to the advantages of the steel structure residence can improve the comprehensive benefits of the residence. First, the weight of the residence constructed with steel structure is reinforced concrete residence. About 1/2 of the house weight can meet the needs of large bays, and the utilization rate is about 4% higher than that of reinforced concrete residential buildings. Second, the seismic performance is better than that of reinforced concrete. From the results of adjusting children after earthquakes inside and outside the dam, it can be seen that steel structure residential buildings have the least number of falls. Thirdly, steel-bonded trusses, wall panels and related parts are manufactured in factories. They are reliable in quality, accurate in size, convenient in installation and easy to cooperate with related parts. Therefore, they not only reduce the workload on site, but also shorten the construction period.

    Steel structure residential construction site is essentially the assembly and integration site of factory products, and a small number of process items that can not be carried out in the factory are supplemented, which meets the requirements of industrialization. Fourthly, steel structure residence is an environmentally friendly building, which can be recycled with little pollution. It conforms to the national policy of promoting housing industrialization and developing energy-saving and land-saving residence.

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