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    Jincheng membrane structure

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    Sales needs marketing elite, management needs management experts, investment needs investment experts, and every link of enterprise management needs matching talents. Otherwise, the enterprise can only be an empty shell, unable to withstand the storm and rain of market competition. Policymakers in steel enterprises must be aware of this and pay attention to the basic technology of human resources from the fundamental and practical point of view. It is a variety of process operation methods and skills developed by enterprises according to production practice experience and natural science principles. It is also a "cPU" established and developed by enterprises. If there is no technology, entrepreneurs have no higher level of marketing, nor can they sell a pile of steel as a building to customers without excellent technology, and without innovation keeping pace with the times, enterprises will stop at last. Three-dimensional steel structure can develop continuously and steadily in the past 20 years, and boldly put `high performance-price ratio'on the lips. One of the main reasons is that three-dimensional steel structure has nearly 20 years of professional system in steel structure industry, which ensures high-quality steel construction with high efficiency, high quality and excellent technical strength.

    Brand-based brands are just like ID cards. Enterprises without brands will find it difficult. We need ID cards when we buy a house or a car, even when we buy a plane ticket. What is an ID card? It's a symbol of a legitimate citizen. As the identity card of the enterprise, the influence of the brand on the consumers should not be underestimated. In the initial stage, the establishment of the brand requires excellent technical quality assurance. But once the enterprise takes shape, the brand will occupy the mind of the consumers. For example, the tea industry is a traditional Chinese industry which has developed for nearly a thousand years. However, in this industry, the brand will occupy the mind of the consumers. However, few enterprises in China carry out brand building and packaging of their own tea products. Hence, 700 million tea factories in the tea industry are no match for Lipton. The tea quality of these tea enterprises is not inferior to that of Lipton. Why only the brand of Lipton sells all over the world? In the final analysis, the brand of Lipton occupies the mind. For example, according to, the reason why Anji white tea was first bought by externalists is mainly because of its ecological quality, which has contributed to the foundation of world service. Qiu Baoxing, Vice Minister of Housing and Construction of China, said that China is the country with the largest number of new buildings built in the world every year, with 2 billion square meters new each year. Construction area, equivalent to 40% of the world's cement and steel consumption, but the average life of Chinese buildings is only 25 to 30 years, far below the European and American standards for hundreds of years.

    In a sense, Chinese buyers are likely to have collapsed their purchases in 30 years before they have paid off their purchases. With the per capita area becoming smaller and smaller, the purchase of commercial housing is an inevitable superpower, but the time of commercial housing maintenance is only between three and five years, so who should guarantee the later maintenance of housing?

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