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    May cause failure of the spray coating

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-20 14:38:48

    Bohai steel structure for detailed analysis of coating failure:

    surface oil stain: coating shedding, poor adhesion, fisheye or shrinkage hole

    surface salt contamination: foaming, osmotic foaming

    surface roughness too large: tip Corrosion, the coating can not completely cover the roughness of the tip surface Moisture: coating peeling off or moisture expansion foaming

    plus wrong curing agent: the coating does not cure, can not play a preservative effect

    Adding curing agent ratio is wrong: coating curing is not Complete, can not achieve the expected anti-corrosion effect plus wrong thinner: coating does not cure or cure is not complete, coating leveling is poor, sag, pinhole and other defects

    spray gun is too close to the surface: sagging,

    spray gun from the surface too Far: dry spray,

    overspray layer too thick: cracking

    coating too thin: can not cover the substrate, tip rust

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