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    Hengshui steel structure thermal spray assembly tank technology

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-23 09:50:32

        Thermal spray assembly tank technical, to put it bluntly, the key includes thermal spray technology and assembly tank technology.   

       The thermal spraying technology refers to the two inductively charged metal fine electric solitary melting, according to the air compression gas generator, do atomization, painting to the resolved chemical reaction surface layer, and produce excellent fusion, A high-density metal coating, followed by a sealer to seal the surface of the metal coating, resulting in a highly effective corrosion-resistant composite coating.  

       The thermal spraying technology is the most competitive anti-corrosion method in the corrosion protection of stainless steel plate materials recognized by the world at present, the aluminum alloy aluminum is thermally sprayed to the surface of the solved steel chemical reaction layer, and the coating is carried out. Closed solution, made of thick steel plate for a variety of air, sea and water, and its pH of 3.5-9 aqueous solution and its reducing natural environment, with 30 years of high efficiency anti-corrosion properties, very suitable for biogas slurry station The anaerobic fermentation reaction tank in the sewage treatment plant has very good corrosion resistance to hydrogen chloride.  

       Assembled tank technicality is the high-efficiency installation technology introduced by the capitalist countries in the Western countries. The key basic principle is to re-bond the pre-formed thick steel plates to each other, according to the self-locking bolt connection, the special connection at the junction Type rubber seals exceed the installation requirements for rapid and low consumption.  

       The thermal spray assembly tank is relatively good for other material assembly tanks, in addition to more efficient corrosion protection, it also has very good impact resistance and strong coating adhesion, not easy to transport In the whole process of installation and operation, the plating is damaged and falls down.

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