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    Spray product inspection standard

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-20 14:38:48

    1. aims to ensure the standardization of the sprayed plastic products of the chassis to achieve uniform and effective quality control of the products.
    2. Scope This standard applies to inspection and on-site quality control and inspection of spray products.
    3. Reference Standards The provisions contained in the following standards constitute provisions of this standard by reference in this standard. The versions shown are valid at the time of publication. All standards will be revised. The parties using this standard should explore the possibility of using the latest version of the following standards. GB1182-80~GB1184-80   shape and position tolerance JG/T3045-1998 
    4. trial production of spray products inspection methods new products or new modified spray steel structure products, the first inspection. The technical department and the inspection department jointly test and confirm. The structure of the sprayed plastic product is in accordance with the requirements of the drawings; the external silk screen of the sprayed product meets the requirements of the drawings, including the position, color, size and clarity of the silk screen.
    5. Spraying product inspection content Spraying product structure Basic requirements of sprayed product structure: The size and assembly of sprayed plastic products should meet the requirements of drawings, meet the corresponding technical requirements and national standards. Spraying product structure inspection method: After the sprayed product is sent for inspection, one piece is tested with the corresponding semi-finished product to verify the correct structure of the product, and the sprayed product is required to be installed conveniently. The semi-finished product of the test installation requires that the mounting hole position is not offset, the screw installation can be fastened in place, and it is not skewed: the position, height and clearance of the device outside the sprayed plastic product should be suitable; the offset is not allowed to be on the edge of the product hole or even exposed. The upper and lower covers of the sprayed plastic product are closely matched, and the installation and disassembly are convenient; the riveting sleeve in the sprayed product is not allowed to loose or even fall off. If the test is qualified, the next process inspection can be continued, otherwise it will be judged as unqualified. If one of the test pieces is unqualified, the second product should be re-installed. If the same problem occurs, the batch is not qualified.
    6. Appearance of sprayed plastic products   appearance by visual inspection, with normal or corrected vision, under indoor 40W fluorescent lamp, eye and test plate distance of about 30cm and about 120~140o for inspection. Spray color: The color of the spray should be basically the same as the selected sample or swatch. The surface of the sprayed product has uniform color and there is no obvious color difference. Spray layer thickness: The thickness of the sprayed layer should be 6~10μm, the spray thickness is uniform, and the adhesion is strong. Product cleaning: The visible surface parts inside and outside the product should be clean, free of any stains, oil stains, etc. that affect the appearance, and no residual white marks are allowed. External silk screen inspection requirements for sprayed plastic products   inspection of the silk screen content and color of sprayed products meet the requirements of drawings and drawings, silk screen is clear, no wrong printing, missing printing, color mismatch, unrecognizable or defective large silk screen breakage And other defects. The silk screen of the indicating device has a positional offset of less than 1 mm; the screen offset of other positions may be appropriately relaxed.
    7. Appearance defect inspection of sprayed plastic products requires water leakage and rust: sprayed plastic products are not allowed to leak water, and sprayed plastic products must be tested for waterproofing first. Each batch of sprayed plastic products is taken 2% for waterproof test. Put the toilet paper on the bottom of the box, then install the screws on the sprayed products and tighten them. Seal the plug holes with tape, and put the top, front and back of the sprayed products on the top. Shower under the faucet for 20 minutes, then dry the surface of the sprayed product, check the sprayed product, check whether the toilet paper is wet, and not wet. After the waterproof test, all products are opened, and the bottom of the box is placed under strong light for light transmission inspection. The four corners of the bottom of the box are not allowed to have light transmission, cracks, welds and holes are not allowed; the upper and lower cover joint surfaces should be flat. The chamfer is smooth, no gaps, cracks or deformations are allowed. The waterproof rubber pad is suitable in size, and it is not allowed to have aging, unevenness and damage. The material of the rubber pad must be consistent with the sample. The surface of the sprayed plastic product is not allowed to have rusting phenomenon. The surface of the sprayed plastic product should be sprayed to a uniform thickness, and there must be no plastic spray to fall off the bottom, which will cause the sprayed product to rust. Damage and deformation: the surface of the sprayed product is not allowed to be bumped or deformed, and the surface should be flat and free from corners and bends. Scratch: No sheeting or scratching caused by friction. Granules: There should be no small particles of plastic powder on the surface of the sprayed product, silk screen ink dots, bumps, protruding marks or flow marks, allowing dispersion and a small amount of particles to exist.
    8. Pit: The surface of the spray-coated steel structure product must not have dents on the surface, allowing dispersion and a small amount.
    9. Scratch: The surface of spray-coated steel structure products cannot be scratched more than 0.2×10mm, and the scratches should not be too deep to leak out of the bottom plate; the surface of the sprayed plastic product should not have scratches on the surface, allowing dispersion and a small amount.
    10. gap: As long as the spray-coated steel structure product can be waterproof, it does not require gaps.
    11. Inspection result processing: structural inspection of spray-coated steel structure products, two sets of unqualified test-fits are judged to be unqualified in batches; in the case of qualified inspection rate of sprayed products ≥80%, the unqualified products are returned to rework; if sprayed The qualified inspection rate of plastic products was 32,472xlt; 80%, which was judged to be unqualified. The sprayed product inspection batch was unqualified, and the unqualified report was filled out. The batch of sprayed plastic products were all unqualified.

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