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    喷塑加工厂 荥阳

    2. Because the load considered in the design process of the basement roof in the assembly site is less than that in our assembly site, it is impossible to mount the lifting equipment. In order to solve this problem, we still need to use the main buildings on both sides, install the back-setting pulley group on the 84.0m elevation, and solve the problem of component assembly and positioning by traction of the ground hoist. As shown in Figure 7. Of course, the basement under the assembling position and the short barge track needs to be properly handled by Canada. 3. The final location of the steel structure corridor of the lifting platform corresponds to the 23-25 storeys of the main building. Therefore, we set the silk platform on the top floor. The lifting box girder is erected through two lifting brackets. Corresponding to each platform, there are four lifting points. Therefore, there are 16 brackets. The plane arrangement is as follows: Fig. 4 brackets are connected with reinforced concrete frame columns of the main building. The front and rear buckled steel hoop joints are adopted, and the buckle points are connected with high-strength bolts. The bracket structure, as shown in the figure, adopts two box girders side by side.

    喷塑加工厂 荥阳

    Lift the E line through the middle. The box girder and the platform cross girder are connected reliably, and the reliable connection between the two box girders is also used to ensure coordinated work. In order to provide reaction seat for the crawler which provides sliding force, we specially made serrated 4 on the outer flange of the upper flange of two box girders. Lifting checking and hoisting process is a complex and systematic project, so it involves a wide range of aspects and needs checking and checking more links. Firstly, the determination of suspension point is made. Because the corridor plane is fan-shaped, the principle of selecting the location of silk point is to make the suspension point stress balanced and the structure stable as far as possible. However, according to the specific conditions of the project site, we chose the plane position of the hanging point at the bearing of the corridor in the use stage, but at the upper chord, a total of four hanging points through the analysis of the loading conditions obtained that the reaction force of each hanging point of the outer ring two hanging points is about 230t, the reaction force of each hanging point of the inner ring two hanging points is about 120 t, and the corridor structure itself is hanging. Under loading conditions, the maximum deflection is 28.14 mm, which is 1/2054 of the span.

    The stress ratio of components is only 0.31, which meets the requirements. Other structural checking contents are not detailed here. The following items are listed according to the transmission path of force: 1) joints of silk points of corridors (2) lifting tools checking of lifting points; (pins, earboards, etc.) 3) force analysis of lifting sliding girders, including the force situation when the vertical position is the largest in the course of moving, and the reaction seat in the course of moving. Checking calculation of shear force of serrated flange (4) Stress analysis of platform mounting bracket (5) Checking calculation of connection hoop joint between silk mounting bracket and frame column of main building (6) Impact calculation of lifting slip on frame column of main building (7) Impact analysis of silk mounting process on the whole main building, etc. (5) Hydraulic lifting, hydraulic lifting (vicissitudes) system of sliding equipment is mainly caused by hydraulic lifting (vicissitudes). Hydraulic hoist, hydraulic creeper, pump source system, sensor detection and computer synchronous control system are composed. According to the hoisting structure analysis, we use two T]-2000 hydraulic hoists at each silk point in the outer ring and one T]-2000 hydraulic hoist at each silk point in the inner ring. The total lifting capacity is 1200 t, which meets the requirements. Ask.

    The friction surface between the sliding base and the lifting beam is derusted, polished and buttered. For the corridor with a total weight of 650 tons, the maximum friction is 130 tons. Four T1G-1000 hydraulic crawlers are used with a total propulsion capacity of 400 tons. Two 60 kW hydraulic pumping stations are equipped to meet the requirements, and an electrical synchronous control system is also provided.

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