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    The indoor stadium is a small comprehensive sports venue with basketball courts, badminton courts, table tennis courts and fitness equipment. Its structure is a single-storey plane arch truss structure. Its total building area is about 3090 m2, its indoor building area is about 2530 m2, and its plane building size is 57.7 m long, 52.9 m wide and its total height is 17.08 M. This project is designed with its own characteristics in a limited geographical location. Its elevation layout is shown in Figure 1. Steel frame support system consisting of steel column, steel truss, inter-column support and horizontal support consists of H-section steel column, steel tube plane truss, support and tie frame. The secondary bonding of wall surface is cold-ligusticated thin-walled C-shaped steel, and the secondary bonding of roof is short-shaped steel. The field composite insulation board, i.e. metal corrugated outer plate + glazed wire, is used to maintain the bonding. Warm cotton + metal corrugated inner plate. According to the statistics of engineering steel quantity, the total steel quantity for main structure is 140.4t, for secondary structure is 42.9t, for foundation anchor bolt is 4t, for structure is 1873t, and the average steel quantity (including anchor bolt) is 60.6Kgm-2: This project has compact structure, beautiful shape and good economic benefit.

    The project is built by Changzhi City, Shanxi Province. 2. Structural selection and analysis 2.1 Structural selection is located in the geographic location of the remaining area after the demolition of the old boiler house, surrounded by buildings or buildings. In order to make full use of the existing building space, its plane shape has been determined, as shown in Figure 2. The length of the building is 57.7m and the width is 52.9m. Therefore, there are three schemes for the design of an indoor comprehensive sports venue which meets the requirements of various functions and has modern appearance in a limited area. The initial scheme is to use concrete columns in the main structure and large-span compressive steel arch structure in the roof, but through the design process. Further consulting data [1] and chirp research found that this structure is easy to lose stability. At present, there are many projects in China in winter when the snow paging site, the main reason is that the local instability caused by half-span snow load [half-span snow load is easy to cause the instability of the lower shell], so the scheme was denied. In the latter two designs, the main structure is space truss, the difference is mainly in the internal truss structure; scheme 2 uses triangular arch truss and scheme 3 uses plane arch truss with space truss (inverted triangle truss), as shown in the garden 4, the section size of triangular space truss is shown in 1-1 truss section diagram; in 2-7 axes, the section size of triangular space truss is shown in 1-1 truss section diagram. Spatial truss span is 5675 mm (directly from A axis to C axis), section height is 1700 mm, upper chord spacing is 1300 mm, lower chord diameter is 219 *12, upper chord diameter is q168 *8, web diameter is 89 *5: truss section height is 1500 mm in 1, 8 and 9 axes, and its column spacing is 6.5m due to the location limitation of the building. As far as the shape space truss is concerned, its advantage is that the reasonable cost performance ratio can only be reflected when the large span and large space is large enough to embody its beautiful appearance, bearing mechanism and obvious economic benefits. In this scheme, the column spacing is 6.5m, if the triangular space truss is used, the roof truss layout will be too dense and rigid. The scheme is negated because of its large quantity and high economy.

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