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    1) The following six ratios should be paid attention to in the design of high-rise structures: 1. Axial compression ratio: mainly to control the ductility of structures. 2 shear-weight ratio: the main purpose is to control the minimum seismic shear of each floor to ensure the safety of the structure. 3. Stiffness ratio: The main purpose is to control the vertical regularity of the structure, so as to avoid the sudden change of the vertical stiffness and form the weak layer. 4. Displacement ratio: The main purpose is to control the plane regularity of the structure, and to form torsion by rabbits, which has adverse effects on the structure. 5. Cycle ratio: The main purpose is to control the torsion effect of the structure and reduce the adverse effects of torsion on the structure. 6. Rigidity-weight ratio: mainly to control the stability of the structure, so as to avoid slipping and overturning. (2) Horizontal load composed of wind load and seismic load is the main control factor of structural design. Internal force and displacement of the structure are usually calculated by elastic method. For structures requiring seismic fortification, except for the elastic stage under earthquake action. Besides, the possible state of elastoplastic stage should also be checked. When checking the wind-induced vibration, the tip effect should be taken into account when there is a small projecting building on the top of the main structure part of the building, especially for the structure with gutters on the top.

    3) The calculation model of high-rise building steel structure is determined according to the form and content of the Hawthorn structure. Generally, the spatial collaborative calculation model of plane lateral force resistant structure can be used. The plane structure calculation model can be used when the structure layout is regular and the mass diaphragm and stiffness are evenly distributed along the height. When the plane or elevation of the structure is irregular and can not be divided into plane lateral resistance units, the space structure calculation 4) In the foundation design of high-rise buildings, the geological condition of the building site and the type of the superstructure should be considered comprehensively. Ensure that no excessive settlement or inclination occurs and meet the requirements of normal use of buildings. We should also pay attention to the interaction with adjacent buildings, especially with surrounding high-rise buildings. Raft foundation should be used, and box foundation should be used when necessary. When the geological condition is good, the load is small, and the bearing capacity and deformation requirements of the foundation can be met, the cross beam foundation or other foundation forms can also be used; when the bearing capacity or deformation of the foundation can not meet the design requirements, the pile foundation or composite foundation can be used.

    4. In the course of development of steel structure deepening design technology, the domestic steel structure deepening design technology level has made rapid progress with the vigorous development of steel structure industry. After the continuous collection of advanced technology, since the 1980s, it has experienced the development stage from manual drawing and CAD-aided drawing initially to high-efficiency integrated modeling software including structureal, XSTEEL and so on. The content of steel structure deepening design has also developed from the original simple detailed drawing of steel components to production. Processing and field installation provide comprehensive and accurate data support services. At present, the most advanced XSTEEL software in the industry has been able to complete a series of important work from design to construction, including checking calculation of steel structure design, detailed drawings of components and parts, and laying-out and blanking of steel plate, which greatly simplifies the construction process of steel structure 5. The key points of deepening design of steel structure 5.1 meet the requirements of structural design and embody the structure. Based on the design intention drawing, the characteristics of steel structure engineering (requirements of steel connectors and welding materials, slip coefficient of friction surface and weld grade, paint coating and fire protection requirements) are elaborated and explained in more detail.

    Accurate spatial positioning, dimension and connection form of all kinds of steel members simplified in structural drawings must be based on the principle of meeting the requirements of design drawings. When there is a situation that can not meet the design requirements of the structural drawings, it is necessary to communicate with the designer in time for adjustment or optimization. The final deepening design drawings must be confirmed by the design unit.

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