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    How to effectively carry out pretreatment production of Hengshui steel structure

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-08-23 10:17:35

    before spraying rust is removed and the sheet attachment surface, to enhance adhesion of the coating surface and the sheet, the sheet must be granted or corrosion resistance whole coating process can be called normalization process. The key daily task of the Sany Group';s spray normalization class is to perform shot blasting and pre-coating of the aluminum profiles and plates of the stainless steel sheet. In the article, we will introduce the internship of small series production and talk about how to properly carry out the normalization of spraying and manufacturing.    

    1 correctly guide the workers to carry out an independent management     to develop appropriate methods and evaluation mechanism for managing this technical work, team leader and fixture long bear record of daily quality staff team in the group daily tasks, costs and fees on the spot 6S statistical data, all the staff members performance evaluation to identify the regulatory class.

    team members respect each other, friendly cooperation, especially in the team leader to ensure that the emotional person, to persuade people, to be a person, to let the staff from the side of the body to experience the warmth of the home, so that employees Be good at working under the leadership of the team leader. 021 安全 安全 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 540 Let the staff further understand the safety beside them. For example, the aluminum shot blasting line of this class has a tight seal during the whole process, and there is a risk of steel ball splashing and letting it die. The group conducted an analysis based on the KYT theme activity (the subject of damage warning information), and all closed solutions for the blasting and rusting outdoor environment prevented the steel ball from spilling everywhere, cleared the work safety risk and improved the 6S level on the spot. .

    3 Standard Commodity Quality Problem Solving Prevention Measures     The normalization processing class has established preventive measures for the quality transition point of this class, and stipulates that various product quality problems are solved according to the standard. For example, the normalized processing class has four key product quality problems, each of which is: unsatisfactory shot blasting, paint leakage, paint sag, paint adhesion, the team members analyzed and formulated prevention Measures. For the continuous emergence of product quality problems, according to the analysis and analysis, carry out QC theme activities, please apply to the processing technology professional and technical personnel, and solve the difficulties. Improve the implementation of the example together, including the company and the national quality and safety accidents (such as "7·23" motor car accident is said to be caused by the quality problems of electronic sensor sensing technology components).

    4 Strengthening equipment maintenance and maintenance     In the whole process of spray normalization, the steel ball damages the shot blasting equipment greatly, resulting in the continuous improvement of the shot blasting equipment repair rate. To reduce equipment failure rates, normalized classes harsh press "Run of the five-set standards" and "five-set maintenance standards", and actively carry out the intentions of a full range of equipment maintenance and maintenance, equipment for machine head depending management and small improvements theme activities, promote the good functioning of the machinery and equipment to maintain, repair rate was reduced from 21 since early May to now / / from 6 months to get a good economic benefits, enhance the literacy class members together.    

    5 incentives for workers to participate in the improvement     normalized classes encourage active workers to improve, and there is an internal incentive system, so that workers get from the cost-effective improvement.

    crew comments and suggestions to improve the effectiveness and submit the outstanding performance has always been the main (This class of workers average January 1), resulting in a big use value and economic returns, and got nothing in Enterprise Group doubt. For example, when the shot blasting work, blasting high-speed operation of a great number of balls darting from quicksand connector interface, resulting in a lot of ball extravagance and waste, harm spot 6S. Parsed to explore all the staff, clearly put forward the improvement program: connector interface installed in the flow of sand to do a self-vulcanized rubber soft, reasonable blocked the ball thrown out, each machine cost of equipment over the years to save the ball costs 5 million yuan.    6Conclusion     As a normalization team member, always remember the problems found in the work, clearly propose improvement proposals and plans, the team members should continuously improve new professional skills and processing techniques, learning training and People communicate, communicate, communicate and manage methods, and develop and innovate, in order to continuously improve the normalization of spray processing and manufacturing standards! .

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