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    Spraying Technology of Iron Tower

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-08 08:56:27

    The utility model states that hollow columns and butt planes are used at both ends of the B-shaped steel metal forming component of the lifting girder, and the two hollow columns can support each other after plane connection, so as to improve their bearing capacity and shear resistance, especially when they are used as building columns or beams, concrete can be poured into the hollow columns. This kind of component can save steel because it bears external force together with concrete. In addition, this kind of component is very convenient to be used in combination. It can increase the bearing capacity of 4B type steel. It is environmental protection, energy saving, ultra-light, corrosion resistance, economy and versatility. Brief introduction B type steel is named because of its cross section shape, which is similar to capital B. It uses galvanized, cold-rolled, color-coated and hot-rolled steel strips with high yield strength (more than 500 MPA) and is formed by roll pressing and cold bending. Unlike H-section steel, section steel and Z-section steel, B-section steel has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection and corrosion resistance. 41 Ultra-light B-section steel is a steel structure made of traditional I-section steel, channel steel, angle steel and steel plate, which is rolled and formed by using patented technology and high strength 0.5-1.5 mm galvanized, color coated and hot-rolled steel strip (more than 3 mm). Save steel 30%~50%. Figure 4B Mechanical Inspection Picture of C Section Steel (B Section Steel and Cold Bending Manufacturing Process) 4.2 Energy-saving Section Steel is rolled by galvanizing, cold rolling, color coating and hot gadolinium sodium strip (over 3mm) with high yield strength (over 500MPA) and thickness of 0.5~2.5mm.

    Many super light steel structure buildings, exterior wall decorative hanging panels of buildings, highway guardrails, advertising sills, because there is no suitable profile, but the use of hot-rolled or cold-formed angle steel, channel steel, square pipe, increased self-weight, low anti-corrosion performance, waste of steel and energy table 1 B section steel C section steel mechanical inspection comparison table 4.3 environmental protection B section steel and its supporting components can be used. Under the same bending strength conditions, it is lighter than the wooden square, and the infinite length advantage is more incomparable than the wooden square. It is more convenient to connect with the wooden square, the cement wall and the steel. Waste B-section steel can be recycled, which can save a lot of timber and reduce deforestation. Fig. 5B-section steel substitutes H-section steel, C-section steel and Z-section steel in physical pictures (B-section steel and cold-making process 4economic B-section steel monomer or symmetrical combination use, can replace other section steel as beam and column use, widely used, saving 20% steel. Under the same strength condition, B-section steel is lighter than other metal profiles. It is easy to transport and install. Workers can carry it by hand without hoisting equipment.

    It can save construction and transportation costs nearly 30.

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