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    Plastic Spraying for Hengshui Iron Tower

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    time:2019-10-08 09:26:16

    As shown in Fig. 2, there are four vertical and internal stiffeners welded between the side panel and the internal structure, and there is no welding quantity on the outside side, besides the long welding seam on the outside of the butt joint with the front panel, because the inner part of the box will shrink after the side panel is welded. If the anti-deformation measures are not well imitated, the deformation can hardly be adjusted once the welding is completed and the internal structure is formed as a whole. In order to ensure the technical requirement that the verticality between side plate and panel is less than 1.5mm, three main measures are adopted. Firstly, as shown in Fig. 3, anti-deformation measures are adopted. Inverse Deformation of the Side Plate with a 2 mm gap at the butt of the Side Plate and the Internal Ribbon Figure 3 Side Plate Inverse Deformation (box type second, as shown in Figure 4, control welding process). There is a 4386 mm long straight weld between the side panel and the front panel. Thirdly, the steel fixing measures are adopted by combining the symmetrical and jump welding method. The meteorite image part shown in Fig. 4 is a steel fixing strip. For the position where the middle stiffeners are relatively small, steel fixing measures are adopted. Fig. 4. Steel fixing of side slabs is adopted. (After taking the above three control measures for box construction, there is only slight wave deformation on side slabs of box body. Through simple fire adjustment, the technical requirement of 1.5mm perpendicularity between side slabs and face slabs can be achieved, and the base of lifting system and downslide can be joined together. The lower ports are rectangular rectangular calibration. The diagonal lengths are 2676mm and 2675 respectively. The lower ports are rectangular. That is to say, the two sides of the board and the panel are vertical. The dimension tolerance of the lower ports is controlled by the dimension tolerance of Figure 5 (the dimension length of the box construction is 4386 + 2mm, and the measures taken in the construction are based on the upper end (i.e. the solid length). There is processing allowance at the lower end.

    This treatment not only ensures the size, but also ensures enough space to deal with unexpected deformation in the next butt closure (Fig. 5, the size of guide plate requires 378 +0.6mm, and the thickness of inner lead-copper is 35mm. The distance between the two guide plates and the center line requires 413 +06mm guide plate to open a kappa groove. When welding, the guide plate shifts to both sides. There are possibilities, but because the outer_-shaped supporting slab plays a supporting role equivalent to steel fixing, so that the guide slab almost does not move outward, only it is possible to deviate inward to ensure the size, construction mainly through the following two ways to control the first, steel fixing measures. As shown in Figure 6, the shaded part is the steel fixing of the guide plate in Figure 6 with the two_-shaped and - long strip steel fixing kappa (box type, second, adjust the welding process). Firstly, four_-shaped supporting ribs on the outside and four triangular ribs on the inside are welded, then two welders on both sides are welded simultaneously to weld the steering through these measures. After welding, the steel fixed parts are removed. After measurement, the sampling size is 412 mm, 412 mm, 413 mm, 412.5 mm, 413 mm, 413 mm, 413 mm and 413 mm 413 mm. Conclusion1) In the process of box welding, the box welded by back-deformation method, rigid fixing method and control welding process not only meets the strength standard, but also conforms to the shape.

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