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    In today's construction enterprises, the post of material procurement is a very important and enviable job, and it has also become an important field of preventing job-related crimes and controlling commercial bribery. In order to ensure the benign development and efficiency improvement of material procurement, China Construction and Installation has continuously improved its system and innovated its mode. In recent years, Guangzhou Company, which belongs to Guangzhou Company, has developed rapidly. It undertakes various kinds of engineering equipment and materials, with a huge amount. In 2009, the total amount of material procurement reached 360 million yuan, which ensures the orderly development of construction projects and achieves considerable procurement benefits. The most valuable thing is that they continue to explore and use the transparent system to shape transparent people. They have found a way of material management with their own characteristics. At the same time, they have ensured that the procurement planning of government construction projects in this field shows that in the current increasingly competitive construction market, it is well known that high prices can not win the bid, but they can not win the bid. Since 2008, the material Department of China Construction and Installation Guangzhou Company has been following the changes of the market. It has made follow-up inquiries again and again for new projects such as Shenzhen Universiade, Guangzhou Metro Line 5 and Guangzhou Underground Space. Even suppliers are impatient.

    However, the material personnel abide by the principle and insist on the thorough planning before purchasing, which provides a reliable basis for the cost analysis of the next new project and the formulation of purchasing planning objectives. The Material Department of the company, together with the project department, understands the mode of supply, the procedure of material and equipment approval, and the owner's intention for the brand of material purchasing. See, the possibility of replacing brand by material supervisor, the analysis and evaluation of market raw materials and price trend, the combination of material inquiry to find out, according to different situations, carry out different project procurement planning. For the individual supervisors and materials involved in the project, the company has made it clear that several types of materials must be planned for bidding and follow the formal bidding procedure to determine the purchaser and the purchase price. There are three main types of materials required to go through the procedure: first, the purchase of materials with a total price of more than 500,000 yuan should be supervised by the owner, which requires a higher brand and can lead to competition among suppliers; third, after further inquiries, it is considered that there is more room for price reduction, which has a greater impact on the project efficiency.

    Multi-planning and step-by-step control in the early stage of the company's material procurement, the first pass. The Department of Transparency in Bidding Process has adopted strict, standardized and transparent management mode for the bidding of material procurement. The special bid evaluation committee is composed of the company leader, general accountant, general economist, discipline inspection secretary, finance department, contract department, procurement department, and project manager who is responsible for material procurement. The structure of mutual participation and supervision of relevant personnel effectively prevents supply. The existence of non-standard behavior in the whole bidding process fundamentally prevents corruption and job-related crimes from happening. It is mainly used in the case of owners'strict brand requirements and unable to replace the brand. This approach seems simple, but it is not easy for suppliers. The first reason is that the company's material personnel are very professional, and they are more accurate in determining the cost of materials and equipment, grasping the price and understanding the market situation.

    Second, there is a strong inquiry network as the backing, because the construction and installation of projects throughout the country in winter, so from south to north, from east to West prices can basically control the implementation of invitation to bid materials, sealed tenders are used, first solicitation and then proposal. This method is mainly implemented on the premise that the owner's brand restrictions are relatively loose and the price of products can cause fierce competition among suppliers. Their procurement and bidding methods are as follows: on the basis of inquiry and groping of bidding materials by the material department, tender documents are formulated, the maximum price limit, payment conditions and the appointed opening time are set, and the tender documents are issued after confirmation by the leading group of broad sense bidding, when the sealed tenders are withdrawn, the bidding working group of Guangzhou Branch shall issue the tender documents at the appointed time. Centralized face-to-face bidding, according to the bidding price arrangement, on the spot again with the bidding manufacturer using hands-free telephone to negotiate the price, and inform the supplier: "We are evaluating the bid, now use hands-free to talk to you for the last negotiation exchange.

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