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    Centralized procurement is the practice. The company strictly implements the measures of centralized procurement of materials required by China Construction and Installation Headquarters. The material department increases the number of planning associates to dock with the material Department of the company and does a good job of supporting centralized procurement. According to the requirements of centralized procurement documents, planners timely collect and supervise the material procurement plan of the project department. They will classify and summarize the materials centralized by the company, and report the centralized procurement plan to the material Department of the company headquarters as required. At the same time upload and transmit, strengthen the communication between the company headquarters and regional companies and project departments, feedback the company's bidding results and project department's opinions, timely transmission and tracking, and ultimately classify and file the relevant bidding results, forming a centralized material procurement account. It is to strengthen centralized pricing. The material purchasing department of Guangzhou Company has less staffing, more projects, and its geographical location spans three provinces and cities. Some projects have no formal construction drawings. While designing and constructing, sporadic material or steel purchasing can not be carried out according to the normal purchasing procedure. Therefore, centralized wholesale purchasing is an effective purchasing method for some materials.

    The branch requests the project department to submit the purchasing plan to the branch company before 25 days of each month. The Material Department of the company intervenes in the inquiry process ahead of time and gives the purchase guidance price to the project department. In the process of purchasing, the project department inquires on the basis of the company's guidance price, and then carries out the negotiation procedure according to the purchasing procedure. The third is to strengthen the material closure. In the past, after the purchase contract was signed, the material entered the site and was installed. Certain engineering items have a large quantity of materials to be supervised and supplied. For the supply situation, such as the quantity of goods supplied, the total amount of goods supplied, overscheduled materials supplied, product quality, after-sale service, coordination of supply process, payment and arrears, no one knows clearly. As a result, some materials and equipment have been made available. When problems like this or that are found later, the payment has been paid up, and the relevant persons have paid off. Members pushed each other and said that each reason was not their own responsibility. In response to this phenomenon, Guangzhou Company has planned the approval form of the project material and equipment clearing synthesizer. After examination, all departments and specialties perform their duties according to the contents specified in the form and sign opinions. Through the signature, problems such as product quality, installation and cooperation, after-sales service, and the division of clearing use are reflected in the signature form, and on this basis. On the other hand, the problem of limited time processing can provide the basis for material payment and material settlement.

    Preventive work should be done in the front, so as to avoid the phenomenon of mutual nagging, shifting blame and blame. Fourth, we should strengthen warehousing and inventory management. In 2008, Guangzhou company set up a warehouse specially, which is the reflection of the company's material management system tending to be perfect. In the early years, after the completion of the project, due to a variety of reasons, there was a surplus of project materials. At that time, the treatment method was to return the discount to the manufacturer, or dispose of some materials as waste, which obviously caused a wave of materials and funds. Now, the company has set up a warehouse and hired special personnel to manage, to a large extent, effective control. Fifth, strengthen supplier cooperation management. Guangzhou company not only knows about foal seed materials, but also knows the inner thoughts of material suppliers, and reaches a long-term partnership with them, ultimately achieving the effect of double atmosphere. In September 2008, Guangzhou Company hosted an annual vendor meeting at Crown Hotel Jiayi in Guangzhou. A total of 53 vendors participated in the meeting and 40 feedback forms were withdrawn.

    At the meeting, manager Han Baojun of Guangzhou Company introduced the company's current economic situation and development prospects, as well as the sincerity of cooperation to strengthen mutual trust, achieve win-win situation and reduce project costs. Manufacturers are also eager to maintain strategic cooperation, expand exchanges, strengthen business cooperation, improve work efficiency, and ultimately achieve common goals. Under the careful planning of the company's leadership, the fraternity has been a success, and won the unanimous praise of the superiors and brothers.

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