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    In recent years, with the development of urban construction and the increase of high-rise buildings, steel-bonded buildings have developed rapidly in China. As a green environmental protection building, steel-structured residential buildings have been listed as a key promotion project by the Ministry of Construction. Especially in large and medium-sized cities in China, where there are more people and less land resources, and people are increasingly demanding residential density and environmental green space, the wide application of steel-structured residential buildings is the inevitable outcome of the development of production in a certain stage in our country. According to the data, in March 2002, a steel-bonded residential building with 18 stories and H-section steel was started in Zhuma'anshan City, Anhui Province. It is an important symbol of our residential industry from reinforced concrete to steel structure mode. At the same time, six high-rise steel residential buildings are being built in Shanghai, which will eventually reach 100 meters and 34 floors, which is the first time in China. The steel structure of Beijing residence is also used. It is located in Chengguang Home Area B of Shilibao, Chaoyang District. All the H-shaped steel beams and columns are used. Beijing Jinchen Apartment, which opened in September 2002, fills the gaps in the steel structure architecture of high-rise residential buildings in China. It also marks that the development and construction of residential buildings in China has entered a new era of steel structure housing system. The architectural forms and styles of steel structure housing vary greatly. However, as far as the structural system (supporting skeleton) is concerned, only brick-concrete structure and steel-bonded structure are the main links. Construction form.

    With the deepening awareness of environmental protection, timber and time-limited use, the main structural forms of residential buildings in China at this stage are mainly reinforced concrete frames, but the construction is cumbersome, construction garbage is large and the structure is self-important, the depth and opening are relatively small, the beams and columns are large, the space utilization rate is low, these shortcomings. To a certain extent, it can not meet the increasingly high functional requirements of residential buildings. Therefore, the development of new residential structure system with durability, rapid construction, flexible space layout and easy reconstruction has become an important trend in the development of residential buildings and structures. With the rapid growth of steel output and the development and application of new building materials in China, the steel-structured residential system which meets the above requirements has gradually developed and attracted widespread attention. The so-called steel-structured truss residential system refers to the mansion system composed of maintenance wall, hidden wall, slab and main bismuth structure. The steel-bonded residence is a multi-storey steel structure residential system between high-rise steel structure (steel frame or steel frame-concrete shear wall) system and cold-formed thin-walled steel structure (Z, C and other light steel structures).

    (1) Higher degree of pre-engineering, lower construction cost, shorter construction period, coordinated and unified modulus of steel structure building, realizes large-scale industrial production of building, improves pre-engineering of building, and makes building components of different materials, shapes and manufacturing methods have certain versatility and interchangeability. At the same time, the pre-engineering of steel structure building makes material processing and installation integrated, which greatly reduces the construction cost; and speeds up the construction speed, shortens the construction period by more than 40%, thus speeding up the speed of capital turnover of real estate developers, so that the building can be put into use earlier. (2) The integration of design and function of building and structure makes the building more efficient. In the steel structure building, the structure becomes an important factor of image formation. The shape, components and festive cooking of the structure largely lead to and restrict the building to make it more functional and create the steel structure building which integrates technology and art. Many of the Bidding Schemes for the gypsum yard of Daijia in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games embody the characteristics of steel structure buildings.

    For example, the opening and closing scheme designed by the Institute of Architectural Design of Tsinghua University sets two semi-circular glass roofs in the center of the stadium roof, and completes the opening and closing of the large roof by relative rotation and parallel sliding. For example, the appearance of the stadium scheme of the Institute of Construction and Design of China is the structure of the building, with perfect image and pure function and structure. 。

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