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    Environmental Assessment Report of Hardware Spraying Project

    author:Bohai Steel Structure Co., Ltd.

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    time:2019-10-22 14:22:33

    I would like to talk about ten topics in the steel structure industry. The first is the development plan of Zhongyuan steel structure industry. China will complete eleven five-year plans this year and implement the twelfth five-year plan next year. From the beginning of the founding of the People's Republic, China's iron and steel industry can only use steel economically. Later, it put forward the idea of rational use of steel. In the 1990s and even today, China's steel output is the first in the world, encouraging the development of steel. As I said in 2000, China is the world of steel structure in the 21st century. So we should make a good plan. Firstly, after the formulation of the plan, we should look forward to the development status of the inter-dam steel structure industry. It should be said that the development of this industry in the world is larger than ours, and the scope of application is larger than ours. There are still many gaps. Second, we need to understand the development status of domestic steel structure industry. Our speed of development is very fast. After 30 years of reform and opening-up, we have made achievements in the past hundred years. Now there are more than 10,000 steel structure enterprises, more than 150 more influential ones, 30 to 50 truly large-scale enterprises, and the demand for steel products in the steel structure industry in 2010 is 260 to 280 million tons.

    Third, the development forecast of steel structure industry. Compared with developed countries, our steel structure market has great potential. Fourth, we should study the technical and economic policies to promote the development of steel structure industry. Since the reform and opening up, the government has formulated many policies on the development of steel structure. A number of good steel standards and specifications have also been issued. Recently, I consulted with some NPC deputies to organize NPC deputies and CPPCC members in the two sessions to suggest that the State Council issue suggestions on strengthening the development of steel structures as a proposal. Because steel structure is a useful place for the steel industry, it has an important influence on the whole national economy to maintain sustained stability and growth. Of course, steel structure itself has many advantages. The development of green economy and low-carbon economy in Futai requires that the second point is the development direction of steel-bonded truss industry. There are four points in this reclamation. First, we should vigorously promote scientific and technological achievements. China Building Metal Structure Association has put forward ten scientific and technological achievements, hoping to promote them more vigorously. Second, we should concentrate on the research and development of scientific and technological achievements, including the integration of solar energy buildings with steel structures.

    Thirdly, we should establish a processing system to promote to the industry. Fourthly, summarize the existing technology patents and mature methods to improve the industrialization of steel structure. The third big Beijing is to activate the design idea of steel structure and design works of fan steel structure. First of all, we should promote the hairdressing of steel structure buildings. Many of our structural buildings have won the bid by foreign designers, but there are joint efforts of Chinese designers. China E also needs to further activate the design ideas of steel-bonded trusses and design works of complex steel structures. Secondly, we should continue to organize the competition of steel structure design, including students who study architecture, including those who supervise the design institute. Through the design competition, we can effectively cultivate the master of steel structure design. Thirdly, the implementation plan of steel structure optimization is designed. I think steel structure optimization should be studied as an industry. I attach great importance to optimum design. After a unit design, another unit carries out optimum design. The steel structure does not mean how big my body is, or how much steel I should use, but how to use steel rationally.

    It is not to say that all steel structures are built into steel fortresses, but to optimize the design. There is also a gap between China and other countries. We use about 10% more per unit area than other countries. This is not possible. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the optimal design of steel structures. Fourthly, new technologies should be used to promote the intellectualization of steel structures. The fourth point is to pay attention to the quality and safety of steel structure engineering. A new concept of engineering quality includes four major qualities: first, structural quality, long service life, structural safety and good performance, but also emphasize its disaster resistance performance, of course, especially emphasis on optimization, not like the blockhouse. Secondly, the function quality steel structure building serves people, and it should be optimized. Thirdly, the charm quality of steel structure should be designed according to the requirements of architectural aesthetics. Fourth, the quality of sustainable development, to achieve energy conservation, environmental protection in line with the requirements of sustainable development. The four standard systems include ISO900, Iso14000 environmental management system of occupational health and safety system and SO8000 social responsibility system.

    Modern entrepreneurs should have scientific and technological mind, carry out scientific and technological innovation, flow moral blood, and shoulder social responsibility. It is also necessary to establish and improve the safety construction standards of steel structures, including the safety standards of steel structures on site. It is also necessary to strengthen the building inspection, inspection and inspection of steel structure construction quality and safety, as well as the requirements of relevant standards and norms. The fifth point is to establish and improve the relevant standards and norms of steel-bonded trusses. First, to meet the requirements of low-carbon economy, we should assist government departments to revise the existing standards so that they meet the requirements of low-carbon economy and low-carbon society. Second, we should internationalize the standards according to the standards of developed countries. Enterprises reflect the relevant, belong to navigation, each institute makes use of search weight and other technical standards. We have always paid little attention to enterprise standards. The more famous 30-50 large-scale enterprises must have their own enterprise standards to standardize their own business management and product management, so that products can truly rise to brand.

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